Norka Luque Showcase: The Destiny in Music

Norka Luque believes that she comes from one of the most blessed families in the world. She has realized her experiences, cultures, and life lessons point towards her music destiny. Therefore, her understanding is inclined towards a music career. During her showcase, she said that her past life is an accurate reflection of what she has become today.

The Venezuelan singer burst into the world of music with energetic talent by the help of the legendary producer Emilio Estefan. Her album “Milagro” was presented during the showcase. The word emanates from Latin to mean the purest mindset of success through miracles. For the record, she was brought together by Emilio with a group of producers to develop her first album. The Ricardo brothers, Archie Pena, and Alberto Gaitan were some of the members behind the album.

According to Norka Luque, the only thing that took too long to determine is the genre of the music. For them, the style appeared to be a mixture of pop, ballad, blues, and rhythm.

Norka loved singing. While she was a child, she could sing whenever she had personal stress. Her mother noted the talent in her. For this reason, the decided to take her to a music school to develop the talent. Norka decided to pursue her dreams. When Norka was young, she never slept until her mother played music. This was the only thing that could lure her to sleep. They struggled to bring home the best genres of music for their child. When Norka finished high school, she went to France to pursue her university education. While in the University of France, she knew that her dream was in music. Therefore, she decided to engage herself in activities that reflected her future. She got an opportunity to join the Bad Moon Rising band in France where she sang as a soloist. The people liked her vocals and extended numerous invitations to various nightclubs in Paris.

Norka finished her studies and went back to the United States. For over four years, she waited for an opportunity to meet with a producer. When she met with the legendary music producer Emilio Estefan, she knew that her prayers were answered. She presented her work to Emilio who in turn liked the spirit in the young talent. He extended an invitation to the studio.

George Soros Finally Reveals His Feelings About Anti-Semitism

In 2010, Hendrik Hertzberg had commented on Fox News attacking George Soros particularly Glen Beck. There were ads using soundtracks of thumping hearts and a superimposed Jewish star. There were clips and soundbites from George Soros interviews claiming that his mother was antisemitic. The heartbeat grew louder and louder. George Soros is touted as a liberal and anti-totalarian. He’s a hedge fund investor. Soros was considered a puppet for the Nazis and used the Jewish community by ticking them to play into the hands of the Nazis during the days of the Holocaust on Politico. Glen Beck’s tirade is nothing new, the Hungarian government has been ridiculing Soros with these slurs for many years.

Soros was born Schwartz György. He was an adolescent during the Holocaust era. Soros’ father, a lawyer, managed to falsify family documents to hide the fact that they were Jews. Members of Fox News and Glen Beck think that Soros was a double agent who was really controlled by the Nazis to help them exterminate the Jewish community. Soros was a messenger for the Nazis back in 1944. Beck accuses Soros of being a tool for the Nazis, like a puppet hanging from strings by a puppeteer who makes the puppet move any way he wants it to. Today, Soros will not defend his accusations and seems to not care at all that he is being accused of antisemitism. It doesn’t matter if charges are coming from Fox News or from his homeland of Hungary. He will not stand up and defend himself against the anti-semitism allegations. It gives people the idea that perhaps he really is antisemitic rather than feeling like he has to defend himself against something he thinks is crazy.

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Soros was a messenger for the Budapest Jewish Council, an organization for aging Jews who were terrified of the Nazis. The organization believed that if they could keep the Jewish members calm and if the people followed the rules of the Gestapo, maybe their lives would be spared. George Soros alerted the Jews to report to certain collection points around the city. Soros’s father urged his son to resist the rules of the Gestapo. Tivadar Soros didn’t follow rules and owed his family’s survival by doing all he could do to hide the Jewishness of his family. Even though people believed that following rules would spare them the gas chamber, it never worked out. Those people who changed their names and Jewish affiliation were the ones who were spared.

George Soros was accused of bringing down governments. He fought to help bring down communist governments in favor of commonwealths. During the Reagan administration, Soros created an Open Society on

Sometimes his mouth got him in trouble when Soros said that anti-semitism was the cause of the policies between Israel and The United States. Soros admitted he is of the Jewish faith.

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The Accomplishments of one of the World’s top Businesswomen, Malini Saba.

Malini Saba is a well-established businessperson who is based in the United States and is recognized for her many accomplishments. She does not only venture into business undertakings, but also various philanthropic activities that support the progress of women across the world. Malini used a different approach to be successful in her endeavors. This has changed how people in the U.S and the rest of the world perceive entrepreneurship, and therefore, she is considered as a role model for many individuals. Saba’s parents lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and they earned an average income. The first investments that she made were international, but she had to deal with various corrupt people who did not want her to prosper. The battle with this people wasted a lot of her time, and she also lost money.


The many glitches that Saba faced while trying to set up her ventures did not make her lose hope of being successful. She started other enterprises with help from her business associates and even though there we a few setbacks, she managed to prosper. Saba has sufficient knowledge in finance since she had specialized in the field when she was in college, and therefore, she started an investment company, which is known as Saban. Malini currently owns large resource enterprises through the firm and the primary fields that she has capitalized in are rice plantations, technology, energy, and real estate.


Since the 90s, Malini has been venturing in startup businesses that have a high potential. All the companies where she acquired shares have been successful, and they have excellent returns. The firms include PayPal, Sycamore Networks, Silicon Valley, and Netscreen Technologies.


The charity work of Malini Saba is spread to various regions of the planet. She owns an organization, which is known as the Stree: Global Investments in Women, and it is devoted to enhancing the living condition of women who are not financially stable. It empowers them to be able to support themselves and to live better lives that they deserve. Saba has been offering support to individuals who are affected by tsunamis and promised to give $10 million to help them. She also contributed $1 million to help in the construction of a hospital.



Water is life. This is a basic need that people cannot live without. Waiakea Water was founded in the year 2012 by Ryan Emmons. It is a mineral bottled brand with the aim of cumulating hygienic water supply in Hawaii and all over the world. Since its launch, it has focused on refining health conditions around different states by providing sustainable and clean water.

According to Crunchbase, Before being bottled, Waiakea water brand is filtered naturally through a long distance of volcanic rock.

The end product is healthy in rich minerals and electrolytes from the Waiakea spring, therefore enhancing the perfect sweet natural test of the water. Ryan Emmons is overwhelmed with the fast rise of the brand, it approximately delivers in over thirty states in the US.

Due to the high demand of the brand all over the world, the corporation decided to start a new business firm In Hawaii to increase its produce.

As a result of its long involvement with the company Pump Aid, it has recently announced the fruitful sponsorship of six fresh elephant pumps in Malawi. The pumps have immensely improved the lives of the less fortunate in Malawi.

The pumps deliver clean and fresh water to different communities, as a result a number of kids are now in school, a supply of healthy food and decrease in water-borne diseases. Since partnering with Pump Aid, the brand has over 500 million liters of donated water.

The corporation’s philanthropic efforts of donating its brand to multiple states and communities and also educating those who need help, has widened its mission of sustainability and healthy natural product.

Forbes believes that the founder of Waiakea water company believes that its involvement with other larger and local firms will heighten the goals of the brand.

Ryan Emmons is impressed with the great work the company is doing alongside Pump Aid. Waiakea water has been declared to the first to be certified CarbonNeutral because of its unique features.

Bob Reina is happy to give back

Bob Reina is one of the most influential names in the business world. He has dedicated his life to improving business communications. He founded Talk Fusion in 2007, and the company has made a major impact on the business communications industry. They have introduced numerous products into the marketplace, including video chat and video e-mail and these products have changed the way people communicate. Talk Fusion helps people communicate and they are dedicated to helping people. Bob wants to change futures, help people realize their dreams, and they like giving back to communities throughout the world. Read this article at about Bob Reina.


Reina has one saying that he keeps going back to on a daily basis, “With great success comes great responsibility”. They are always looking to help more people, and a large part of this mission is their charitable giving.


Bob loves to lead by example, and he gives a great deal to charity. Recently, he made a record-breaking $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He has also personally intervened to rescue several animals. Bob considers himself an animal lover, but he is also a lover of humanity. Bob has given generously to an orphanage in Indonesia and to other great causes around the world. Bob loves giving to charities, but he also loves using his company to change the world.


Recently, Bob Reina announced a new program for Talk Fusion. This new program allows every Talk Fusion Associate to donate a free account to the charity of their choice. This account will include every feature that Talk Fusion is known for including video chat, video e-mail, video newsletters, and other powerful features. This suite of features is sure to help charities reach the next level.


Talk Fusion is an incredibly influential company. They are constantly breaking sales records and receiving new awards. Bob Reina is proud to head up the company and he is proud to give back to the world. He looks forward to giving back to the world for years to come.