Health Journal- Oncotarget

Technology has been advancing with every information being found online. The medical industry has not also been left behind in the publishing of health journals. The health industry has several published journals including Oncotarget. The Journal saw the need of publishing the papers on the social media platforms to help millions of people get information on medical issues affecting them.

Oncotarget was primarily distributed to publish studies carried on cancer and aging, but it was growing in the medical journal industry the organization began to publish on other areas in the health sector including cardiology, microbiology, pharmacology, and neuroscience. The group is managed by experienced medical experts and individuals who have a vast experience in the treatment, arrest, and the examination of cancer. The papers on oncotarget are published on the internet for free to assist the world and also to make it simple for individuals to get the health information they require. The management of oncotarget decided to be publishing their reports once per week. Download output styles at

Ever since its foundation, the journal has been experiencing tremendous expansion. When it was at its inception stages in 2010, the journal only published the papers on, but as it grew, it expanded its publication on other social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Google, Linked, YouTube. In 2011 a year after it was created the journal was ranked number one in giving of medical reports on the internet, and they have not dropped they have continued to make it big in the health industry and the delivery of information. The writers of the journal have to wait for their articles to be approved by the chief editors who are Mikhail Blagosklonny, and Andrei V. Gudkov.

One of the researches that have been published on Oncotarget is the study of E- cigarette and gum tissue. According to the study, the e-cigarette is stated to as a battery device that is known to cause oral danger.

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Roberto Santiago Maintains The Safety of Manaira Shopping

There are some establishments that will attract many different people of all walks of life. With many different people and many different personalities, it is important for people to make sure that they are safe while they are attending the establishment. Among the things that could occur are dangerous activity that could disrupt the experience that people have with the establishment. This is why it is important for establishments to have some kind of plan for safety so that people can enjoy their time without having to worry about something happening to them. This is especially the case depending on the area of the establishment. Read more articles on

Fortunately, Roberto Santiago has made sure that everyone is safe at Manaira Shopping. There are tons of mall cops in the establishment that are available for anyone that is faced with some kind of activity. The mall cops are observant. If they see something that may look suspicious, they observe. They don’t act until they have seen for certain that the person is involved in suspicious activity. Therefore, people are going to be able to visit the mall and do some shopping for themselves as well as enjoy some of the other activities that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has for people.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall cops avoid acting too hastily because they don’t want to be faced with any wrongful action charges. After all, among the things they have to protect is the rights of the customers. One thing that does not need to happen is for someone’s rights to be violated because he does not fit a certain look of approval.

One good thing about Manaira Shopping is that it has a lot of different stores for people to check out. A lot of these stores offer customers the means to bring some needed upgrades to different aspects of their lives. Among the things they can upgrade are their wardrobe and homes. One thing that they want to be able to do is build a better sense of their lives and who they are. One good thing about Manaira Shopping is that people who visit the mall walk away renewed. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

InnovaCare Health: On the Cutting Edge of Healthcare Management

Today’s complex health care environment is having detrimental effects on the general population. Although many companies are trying to remedy the growing number individuals who cannot afford quality healthcare, the solution continues to elude many. But companies like InnovaCare Health are making huge strides to solve these many healthcare environment issues.

InnovaCare was founded on a simple premise, redefine healthcare management. There are a lot of companies promoting a lot of health care solutions, but much of it is just confusing. InnovaCare hopes to create a management program(s) that can meet all of the challenges of today’s healthcare environment.

Their strategy is just as simple as their mission; create strong patient-provider relationships. When patients feel like they can trust their providers, it makes handling the stress of health care much easier. InnovaCare Health and its subsidiaries are focused on building sustainable managed care models. These new models are supposed to be well coordinated, more cost-effective, innovative, and based on high quality. View the company profile at LinkedIn

InnovaCare has a clear set of beliefs guiding them toward their goal. Obviously, the belief that patients come first is at the top of that list. Providing quality medical care is solely based on putting the patient’s needs first.

InnovaCare is the top health care provider in Puerto Rico. The leading team member is Dr. Richard Shinto. He’s currently the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He’s also the CEO of Puerto Rico’s InnovaCare’s Health Plans. He’s the reason that InnovaCare has had so much success.

He’s worked in the managed care industry for more than 20 years. He has extensive experience in clinical and operational healthcare. Prior to InnovaCare, Shinto was President and CEO of Aveta Inc. He was with the company until it was acquired by another. He was also a leading team member of their management team.

Penelope Kokkinides is another leading professional at the company. Currently, she’s the Chief Administrative Officer. This isn’t her first time at InnovaCare. She rejoined the company in 2015 after leaving to explore other opportunities. Like Dr. Shinto, Kokkinides also worked at Aveta Inc. She was COO and Vice President of Clinical Operations.

Kokkinides has over 20 years of specialized experience working with government programs and the managed care industry. Much of her knowledge centers on developing clinical programs.

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George Soros’ Democrats financial workhorse

George Soros is a strong workhorse for the Democratic party. He is a strong advocate for criminal justice and immigration reform. Most recently he gave $2 million to a PAC, that worked to defeat Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Maricopa Strong received funds from George Soros as well as Laurene Powell Jobs and Texas energy billionaires Laura and John Arnold. Read his profile at Forbes.

Soros has spent the last few years fighting to defeat local prosecutors who are rewriting laws. Soros has also spent millions in three district attorney races: Houston’s Harris County, Gilpin and Jefferson counties in Colorado and Phoenix’s Maricopa County. Between the three races, he has contributed nearly $3 million dollars. Soros’s spending against Sheriff Arpaio is his largest investment in a local race. Soros has been fighting back against corrupt immigration and criminal justice policies.

George Soros’ funded Maricopa Strong spent $2.9 million in the race, funding a flurry of TV ads and mailers, promoting candidate Paul Penzone and attacking Arpaio. Soros usually works alone when it comes to spending in local campaigns but Jobs and Arnolds joined him in funding Maricopa Strong. Soros wanted to defeat Sheriff Joe Arpaio because he violated civil rights and abused his office. Also because of his influence on the immigration conversation nationwide has been dangerous.

Democrats and PACs have been attempting to defeat Arpaio since 2012. George Soros continues to be a strong financier, when it comes to the issues that matter to him. Soros supports immigration, because of his experience of growing up in Hungary. Soros’ efforts came as Arpaio was found guilty of civil contempt of court and facing up to six months in jail. George Soros has financially supported the Democratic Party throughout the 2016 election; he gave millions in support of Hillary Clinton and gave millions to fix our corrupt criminal justice system.


Copa Star Hospital: Home of Elegance

It is one of the largest hospitals equipped with the state-of- art technology. The hospital is based in Rio de Janeiro, and it has a five-star hotel. Copa Star operates within the international standards to ensure quality delivery of services. The hospital management employs professional staffs and provides a continuous training program to improve their skill and knowledge. Thus, patients are guaranteed of quality health care. Patients enjoy personalized care, and therefore, the main clients are people in need of unique and exclusive services. Thus, the hospital targets patient from all over the country, and it reflects innovation.

Other than the experienced and accredited health care workers and staffs, the hospital has a modern architectural design and beautiful decorations. The hospital commissioned exclusively designed operating rooms that are equipped with advanced medical equipment. The hospital has elaborate neurosurgeons rooms and hybrid rooms. The hospital corridors are decorated with art galleries to create an appealing environment. There are several paintings of Japanese artist Yutaka. The hospital has an annex area where patients and employees can pass through and thus there is no congestion caused by sketchers and nurses movements. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

Similarly, the hospital entrance hall is impressive and provides a tranquil environment where a patient can relax. The environment is free from smell such as that of ethanol chemical that is common in many hospitals. The lighting system enhances the natural surroundings, and it improves the well-being and patient comfort.

Furthermore, the hospital is reputable for providing comprehensive care especially in the area of neurosurgery and cardiac surgery. It also provides hospitality services courtesy of the five-star hotel that also offers accommodation. Therefore, patient’s family and relatives do not have to worry about where to stay while in the hospital. The hospital has invested in automated equipment manufactured using the current technology, thus ensuring a safer environment for the patient.

Finally, Hospital Copa Star is an established enterprise that has more than an impressive design. The hospital has recruited skilled and experienced personnel to enhance the quality of health care. In addition, the physician adopts advanced technology to treat the patients. Patients receive personalized care in an environment that promotes tranquility.

Continuous training of the hospital staff ensures that they are conversant with current practices in health care. The hospital has purchased sophisticated medical equipment and devices, and thus patients are guaranteed to get the best service. The has gained a reputation in the country because the medical doctors perform complex surgeries in the field of neurology and cardiology.


Lori Senecal – Marketing Expert That Gets Results, Sooner Than Expected

Lori Senecal is one of the most sought after marketing and management executives in the corporate sector of United States. She has worked for clients such as Nestle, Xbox, Sprint, Weight Watcher’s, Molson, Staples, Nabisco, Applebee’s, and more throughout her career. Lori Senecal is currently the Global Chief Executive Officer of one of the most respected marketing and advertising firms in the U.S., CP+B, short for Crispin Porter & Bogusky, LLC. Before joining CP+B, she was the CEO of MDC Partner Network and helped with expanding the business operations, negotiating and winning international accounts for the firm, and supervising various marketing and advertising projects for the clients.

Earlier on in her career, Lori worked with McCann Worldgroup, where she was responsible for many different departments, including business development, innovation, account leadership and client management. While at McCann Worldgroup, Lori devised some of the most innovative marketing campaigns for the customers who helped them achieve their marketing goals much sooner than they expected. While working for McCann Worldgroup, she became the President of McCann Ericson of the company’s branch in New York City. In 2003, Lori even founded her marketing firm named TAG Ideation, which went on to become renowned as a marketing specialty unit and grew exponentially under her leadership. At Isaac Awards, she has been a part of the jury for the past few years.

Her professional excellence is well-known in the business community, and it has won her many awards over the years, including the Quantum Leap Award at the AWNY Game Changer Awards. Lori Senecal was named the “Women to Watch” by the popular online publication Advertising Week. Her communication and negotiation skills are few of her strengths, which has helped her win some of the biggest accounts for her company. While working at KBS+ Partners, she helped the firm grow rapidly in just a few years, and it was under leadership that the company was named by Crain’s as the best place to work in New York and grow from having just 250 employees to having an international workforce of more than 900 employees.

Previously, she even held the position of Worldwide Account Director for one of the biggest consumers companies in the world, Coca-Cola. It is an important area, where her remarkable performance helped her gain limelight and mileage in the corporate circle. She continues to pioneer the field of marketing and advertising by devising new and innovative strategies that get results because she firmly believes execution is more important than just formulating ideas. For more info, visit Lori Senecal’s page.

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Mike Baur’s Contributions To Switzerland’s Startup Ecosystem

After a brilliant career in the Swiss banking industry, Mike Baur decided to co-found the Swiss Startup Factory at age 39 with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Armed with an MBA from University of Rochester in New York and an Executive MBA from University of Berne, Baur started his career as an apprentice at UBS and ended up as a wealth manager Clariden Leu. Baur’s banking experience makes him the ideal person to be responsible for financing rounds at the Swiss Startup Factory.


Since 2014, the privately funded Swiss Start-Up Factory, with Baur as a managing partner, has provided opportunities for digital entrepreneurs in Switzerland. By running a three month-long program where startups work in the Swiss Start-Up Factory’s Zurich offices, the new companies can bring their ideas to market quickly.


A new partnership between the Swiss Startup Factory and the Geneva-based fintech accelerator Fusion will give entrepreneurs access to a wider range of mentors and services. According to Baur, “This is just the beginning of strengthening the Swiss Startup ecosystem by fostering collaboration between regional players.”


Baur works closely with the startups at the Swiss Start-Up Factory, mentoring new entrepreneurs on the business aspects of running a company. Startups have access to a wide range of services in addition to mentoring and coaching, including legal, marketing and accounting services.


Recently, the Swiss Startup Factory decided to sponsor the Swiss Edition of the StartupBus Europe. Budding tech entrepreneurs hop on the bus, which is traveling from Zürich to Cologne, Germany, and develop and launch a startup business in only 72 hours. Baur said “The synergies between the Startup Bus project and the values of Startup Factory are very strong and when Swiss Startup Factory saw the chance of pushing forward another young initiative for entrepreneurs in Switzerland, we immediately jumped on board.”


As a co-founder and director of the Swiss Startup Association, Baur works to enhance Switzerland’s startup ecosystem by seeking a friendlier tax environment and providing a voice for startups and their founders. The Swiss Startup Association’s deputy director is Max Meister, who co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory with Baur.

EOS Lip Balm

The Progression of EOS Lip Balm

When it comes to Chap Stick, the company has had a long reign in terms of being the go to product for people trying to keep their lips conditions. However, EOS has emerged as a company that took that title and also took it to the next level. Because of this, you should learn as much as you can about EOS lip balm and how the company came to be, so that you can understand it a little bit more. Consider these points so that you can learn everything that is helpful to you.

How did the company come to be?

When using Chapstick, it tends to cake up and become greedy and hard to deal with. It also becomes difficult to keep track of if you store it deep inside of a purse. The company recognized these points of information and decided to revolutionize the product with a different shape that people found more inviting and easy to use.

Where can I find his lip balm?

There are a lot of different lip balm outlets that sell this product online ( and you can also purchase it directly from the company itself at In most situations, people will purchase this product in checkout lines as they do Chapstick as well. You can find this brand anywhere that these sorts of cosmetic products are sold and can also find them at checkout lines at drugstores, Target grocery stores, convenience stores, online on Amazon and other types of outlets that sell this product.

Make sure to shop around until you find a product that will serve you.

How Did Doe Deere Grow Such A Large Cosmetics Firm?

Doe Deere is the CEO at Lime Crime where she has built a large cosmetics brand that sells to women online while avoiding the makeup counter. This article explains how the market for makeup is changing, and it explains how Doe has been able to build her brand using new techniques and market wisdom. Everyone who is accustomed to a certain type of makeup must look to Lime Crime for new ideas in business.

#1: She Remains Creative

Doe has been the creative force behind Lime Crime for some time now, and she remains creative while meeting with her staff often about new ideas and products. She wishes to see their ideas come to life, and she will begin new project every time someone has a nice idea. She does not want to stifle anyone, and she only wants to see the company grow in its purpose.

#2: Serving Alternative Women

Alternative women who wear bright colors are often not able to find the products they want, and it is quite important that everyone who is shopping for cosmetics has looked over the bright colors and hair dyes that are offered by the company. They are built to outfit a woman like Doe, and she still models her products because she wishes to be consistent in that aspect of her business.

#3: Modeling The Brand

Modeling is an important aspect of what Doe does every day for her business, and she is changing colors and styles every day to teach women how they may dress using her brand. The brand that was created at Lime Crime is quite helpful in that it shows women a simple way to make the most of their look. They may wear her bright colors, and they will see something in her advertisements that may inspire them. She keeps an Instagram account for the same reason, and it helps women who need assistance with their hair or makeup.

The simplest way for a woman to look her best is choosing a preferred makeup brand. Doe Deere has built Lime Crime into one of the best in the industry, and it is growing every year as she creates a new way for all women to look their best. Women who are using Lime Crime may choose bright colors, and they will stand out from the crowd because of the makeup or hair dye they have chosen.

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