Southridge Capital Eyes Budding Markets

Since delving into the world over entrepreneurship over three decades ago, Stephen M. Hicks, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital, has steadily built his resume as an entrepreneur, growing his firm into a Wall Street powerhouse. In 1996, while still employed by a small New York hedge firm, Mr. Hicks decided that it was time to take his career in a new direction. At the time, the principle of the hedge firm was preparing to return to his native Australia, and thus, gave Mr. Hicks the approval to launch his own firm. Today, under the leadership of Mr. Hicks, Southridge Capital has blossomed into one of the most prominent businesses of its kind and has provided financial advice for over 300 private and public companies around the world. Check out


Stephen M. Hicks garnered a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Kings College, before enrolling in Fordham University, where he attained a master’s degree. As the Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital, Mr. Hicks plays an integral role in the overall trajectory of the company, often spending the majority of his time analyzing the current status of the companies within his portfolio, while also focusing on new ventures that will help take the company to new heights. In order to stay on task, he creates a list of goals for each day, before divvying the responsibilities between himself and his staff. A major part of his responsibilities includes bringing his thoughts and ideas into action, and in order to do so, he generally relies on the knowledge and experience gained throughout his thirty-year career. Over the years, the track record of Southridge has created a large need for their services. Because of this, the majority of Southridge Capital’s clients are not solicited, but, instead, seek out the company for their financial expertise. In order to remain abreast of the constant changes occurring in the volatile world of investing, Stephen M. Hicks often uses trusted news outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal Online. This quest has led him to a number of profitable investments in recent times, most notably, the growth potential of the cryptocurrency and marijuana markets. You can visit their Facebook page.