Article Title: Igor Cornelsen, An Investment Genius

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Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investor who was born on 1947; in Curitiba. He joined the Federal University of Parana for an engineering course in 1965, but after two years of studies, he switched from engineering to economics. This was the time when the institution was the only university that was offering engineering courses at that time and getting admission in that school was a very highly coveted achievement. To many, it was a dream come true to join Federal University to study any engineering course.

Due to his interest in statistics and numbers, he was able to graduate in 1970 and obtained a job in an investment bank in Rio. This was the norm for economic university graduates as it used to give them a chance to practice their learned skills such as using the slide rules to calculate compound interest rates as in those days, computers were limitedly utilized in business.

Igor carved a name for himself in the financial industry with his skills and his success in Multibanco Investment bank, and this saw him becoming a great entrepreneur and an investment banker. This was the start of his long career towards archiving his goals. Carsen used to be a workhorse, and these could see him spending more hours in the office after other workers have left. This sacrifice helped him to develop and build his strategies, and his dedication to his work saw him being promoted to being part of the board of governors and later as the CEO of Multibanco Investment Bank.

In 1978, Igor left Multibanco after it was acquired by the Bank of America and joined Unibanco, which was the leading Investing company in Brazil. His stay at Unibanco was limited for six years due to the high inflation rates in Brazil, and this saw him transitioning from a direct practicing economist and CEO to an investment advisor. He first worked as an advisor for a London Chartered Merchant bank known as Libra Bank

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