Highland Capital Management at a Glance

Highland capital management in simple terms is one of the most experienced and largest firms offering alternative asset management globally. The firm primarily focuses on various credit strategies such as private equity fund, a closed-end fund, hedge fund, mutual fund, collateralized loan obligations, 40 Act Fund, and separately managed account. Its service base ranges from institutional to retail investors worldwide. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.


The Highland Capital Management firm has grown over the past 25 years. First operating out of Los Angeles, the organization started as a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation in January 1990, founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada. It focused on fixed income markets. It then evolved into PAMCO (Protective Asset Management Company) in 1993 and this time as an SEC-registered investment advisor. The firm later moved its headquarters to Dallas, Texas in 1994.

When the firm began to take off, the founding partners purchased Protective Life’s stake in PAMCO to develop Ranger Asset Management. However, by 1998 the name did not hold, and it was renamed to the now, Highland Capital Management, L.P. The company has built on its value-based approach and credit expertise to venture into other asset classes. Other than high yield credit, today, the company also operates I public equities, real estate, and structured credit.

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Highland capital management still maintains the headquarter office in Dallas Texas with offices in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Seoul, and New York.

Leadership and Approach

Highland Capital Management operates on three main principles; experience, discipline, and boldness. The team comprises of research professionals focused on the investment industry. Their role is to review the existing investments, monitor trends within the industry, and evaluate possible opportunities across capital structures.

Mark Okada is the CFA-Co pioneer and founder. He is the current Chief Investment officer of Highland capital management while James Dondero oversees and runs CFA, CMA as the company’s President. Read more about James Dondero at Wikipedia.com.

Nick Vertucci: Real Estate Educator

Nick Vertucci has been a successful real estate entrepreneur and teacher for over five years. He founded the NV Real Estate Academy which bases itself on the knowledge he’s gained over his career. By going through his real estate education course, you learn from Nick Vertucci’s own mistakes and successes. He knows the process isn’t easy, and that’s why he wants to provide you with useful real estate strategies that he used to build his own fortune.

Nick has a varied background. He first started by investing in technology companies around the dot com era. He now has become a real estate mogul and prominent teacher.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, or NVREA for short, is all about fostering success. Nick and his team of educators are here to support you through interactive courses. His process of “See it”, “Believe it”, and “Execute It”, will give you the same opportunities he had in creating real estate investment opportunities. In the NVREA, Nick focuses on teaching money intelligence skills and his own personal formula for success.

The Academy offers to teach you the real estate skills you need to flip houses, locate sources of positive revenue, networking tips, and anything else real estate related. You can learn Nick’s 3-step formula of “Get In”, “Get Out”, and “Get Paid” to create gains. They also provide you with investing skills to turn a profit. Nick does by instructing you the ways in which your self-directed IRA and OPM can be used to invest. Also, the team will help you learn to spot passive and active income opportunities.

Nick’s team is enthusiastic about instilling you with the right skills to succeed. Nick Vertucci has always felt strongly about integrity and this virtue is thoroughly ingrained throughout his teachings. You can really feel the passion of what he says in his words. Nick built everything he’s had through hard work and determination.


Hair is one of the things that most people mostly women take good care of for they consider it a thing that make them look attractive and beautiful. Some invest highly to see that their hair looks smart. It is worth it. Naturally our hair cannot remain smart because we wash it often and in the process it loses its natural beauty. For this, many companies have come up with different products that help hair remain smart and as attractive as possible. One of them include oil and washing chemicals.


Among the best hair care products is WEN. WEN is a hair product produced by Chaz Dean System. WEN is naturally made with garden products. Meaning it has got less chemicals hence good for your hair and friendly to the skin too. It makes one’s hair relax and become healthy. It contains glycerin which keeps the hair moistened always. These products are common and have sold out more than forty million bottles of the product on eBay and other retailers.
WEN products can father be subdivided into four categories; cleanser, boost, style, and treat. A cleanser can be used instead of an ordinary shampoo. Booster is used to soak wet hair so as to make the desired hair style while blow drying. Style is used after cleansing the hair. Treat is applied last. WEN makes your hair look real again after losing its beauty.
Natural bristle brush is used to brush hair to promote distribution of natural oils. Shampoo is used to wash hair to remove excess oil and sweat and dirt from the hair. The most common types of shampoos are acidic shampoo. The process of shampooing hair makes it rough hence conditioners are used to smooth down hair. Hair sprays are used on hair to protect it against wind and humidity. They are common cosmetics too. Hair wax is used mostly to hold hair together.

View the WEN company profile on inc.com.

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Rebel Wilson News: Facts About Isn’t It Romantic

Its almost as if every time Rebel Wilson is rumored to be in a movie, the whole world has to stop just to raise an eyebrow or two. This is usually the case because Rebel Wilson is not only beautiful, secure and confident but also loves to give nothing less than a hundred percent in whatever role she plays. And the latter explains why everyone is excited about her latest project which is a rom-com entitled Isn’t It Romantic.

Sans its incredibly unique and well-thought plot, the movie also has quite a number of incredibly gifted actors and actresses who happen to be taking some interesting roles. Some of these thespians include Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Saunders, Priyanka Chopra, Tom Ellis, Betty Gilpin, And Adam De Vine just to mention a few.

The Pre-Fame Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson had a pretty difficult time transitioning from an introvert to the humorous extrovert that we all love and adore today. This U-turn change happened when she was only 15 and realized that she had two options; to either change or forever remain enclosed, and have everything that’s good in life pass her by.

Lucky for Rebel, her entire family was there to help her overcome her shyness. And after a few months of taking part in extracurricular activities, Rebel Wilson became a completely new person. Her self confidence had spiked so high she just couldn’t help becoming a feminist for a tiny period of time.

Later at 17, Rebel Wilson spent almost a year at the Australia Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program. This was right before she joined the University of New South Wales and later, the Australian Theatre for Young People. It was at the Australian Theatre for Young people that rebel Wilson discovered her funny side and never looked back.

Other Movies Rebel Wilson Has Been In

Rebel Wilson got her big break in the year 2000 courtesy of the role she played on Pizza. At that point, all she cared about was putting smiles on people faces. Little did she know that she’d just taken her first step towards taking over the whole world. The last movie she was featured on was Bogan Pride in 2008 before making her big jump to Hollywood – a move that left almost everyone a tad skeptical.

Watch the video below:

Some of the most notable movies that Rebel Wilson has been featured in over the last decade left a mark on movie history. Some of these movies include Bridesmaids, Bachelorette, This Means War, Small Apartments, Pitch Perfect, How To Be Single and now, the soon to be released Isn’t It Romantic.

And needless to say, the reason why we are all super excited to see Rebel Wilson in this upcoming rom-com is that of her starling performances on the above-mentioned projects.

And since rebel Wilson has gone on record (and on several occasions) stating that she relies on her wit more than she does her looks, you can only expect nothing short of fireworks come February 14th when isn’t it romantic finally hits the big screens.

Basketball Training Facility Renamed After Herbalife Nutrition

One of the premier nutrition companies known as Herbalife Nutrition has gotten involved in its community. The company has recently partnered up with IMPACT to acquire the rights to a state of the art basketball center. Today, the center will now be known as the Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center. For now on, the company will be a top sponsor for IMPACT and provide its latest product line. Herbalife Nutrition will now provide a umber of sports nutrition products that will be offered to help athletes enhance their performance. Athletes who come to the new facility will have the opportunity to access the Herbalife24 NSF Certified for Sports product line. With this new basketball training facility, players will have the opportunity to get better training as well as better nutrition.

Once the new facility has opened up, a number of people have participated in using the basketball center. Former NBA players have frequented the new facility in an attempt to train by themselves and with other basketball players. As well as former NBA players coming to the facility, the top executives of IMPACT have also been present. They have been thrilled about the opening of the new facility. The executives of IMPACT and Herbalife believe that those who come to the new basketball center will be able to improve teamwork, time management, better nutrition and their overall health. Training at the new facility will also help them make improvements in their basketball skills and abilities as well.

A number of the executives of both companies have also said that research shows that active people are higher achievers in academics. As a result, high school and college players will likely benefit very much from coming to the new Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center on a regular basis. By coming to the new basketball center, a number of basketball players will be able to participate in skill and conditioning drills. This will help them with preparation for their upcoming seasons as well as helping them improve their performance during seasons too.

The new Herbalife Nutrition Basketball Center is available for basketball players of all levels to visit. Players at the high school, college and professionals levels have all used this facility to get the training they need to maximize their potential. With the development of this facility, many basketball players have used it as one of their top places to train and develop their skills.




Malcolm CasSelle and Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) Firm

Malcolm CasSelle is a businessman, president of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), a company that enhances protected and transparent gaming visual effects developed by OPSkins and CIO of OPKSkins. CasSelle had previously worked for New Ventures as an entrepreneur and as Chief Technology Officer. He received his degree in computer science from MIT and extended his studies at Stanford University where he obtained his master’s degree. He was among the first investors of companies such as Facebook, bitcoin organizations and Zynga and has held different positions in well-recognized companies such as Digital Media SeaChange International and MediaPass.

About WAX

From 2017, CasSelle served as the president and the strategic advisor at the same firm, which is the safest and most reliable in the creation of virtual items. Worldwide Asset eXchange is trying to emerge with digital trading products at free digital ownership in the world, which is currently at a restriction mode. It’s also developing Blockchain products that ensure that everyone attached to gaming item can trade freely anywhere in the world.

WAX has offered all its clients a stable connection of access to digital trade platform ranging from game creators, buyers, sellers, gamers themselves and merchants. It has enabled WAX participants to mingle freely in the market in purchasing video games or developing online shops to advertise their products using their advanced B2B tool. The firm is building other significant products that enable sellers and buyers meet while anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

Types of Interactions on WAX

As a technique to connect a free digital trading world, WAX has three communication means that include the transfer of WAX tokens, utilization of contracts and contract connection. The token transfer involves voting to particular topics or projects by use of evenly distributed symbols as a strategy of engaging the community. Deploying of contracts involves a performances code on the platform that needs an execution while contract interaction is the emerging issues or suggestions from clients. All the above are different categories of interactions between different groups that involve in digital trade as a hope of the future in making it a free digital trade market.

The Upcoming Movie Isn’t it Romantic Starring Rebel Wilson

 Coming to Theaters on Valentine’s Day

Isn’t it Romantic is an upcoming romantic comedy film that will be coming to movie theaters on a romantic day for exchanging Valentine’s day texts. Or otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. Read more:  Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

Isn’t it Romantic is slated to be the romantic comedy that makes fun of romantic comedy films, which still ironically being a romantic comedy film. The jokes of the film are mainly going to center around mocking the various stereotypical tropes that are found in your standard Hollywood romantic comedy film.

The Plot of Isn’t it Romantic

The plotline of Isn’t it Romantic is centered around the struggle of believing if romance and love are real or if it’s just a bunch of hooey straight from a romantic comedy film. The main protagonist is an Australian architect named Natalie, played by actress Rebel Wilson, based in New York City. She is focused on her career and believes that love doesn’t exist in real life. She is also convinced that romantic comedies are pointless and spewing untruths about falling in love.

While going about her career-driven life in the big apple, Natalie is nearly mugged. She escapes but is knocked out while she gets away. Once she wakes up she finds herself stuck in a literal romantic comedy movie that she can’t escape from unless she goes along with the part of being a romantic comedy lead character searching for love.

Rebel Wilson as the Main Character

Rebel Wilson is not the typical actress that you would see in a role for a lead character in a romantic comedy movie. She doesn’t fit the standard look of a romantic comedy character in a Hollywood movie, but that is what is so great about this upcoming film.

Typically Hollywood casts petite blondes and the occasional petite brunette in their romantic comedy films. Rebel Wilson is a blonde, but she is plus size. Rebel Wilson views the ability to be a romantic lead as a plus size actress as a truly groundbreaking chance. She hopes that it will lead to more body positivity and acceptance for plus size actresses in more varieties of roles.

The Other Main Cast Members in Isn’t it Romantic

Isn’t it Romantic additionally stars the acting talents of Priyanka Chopra, Chris Hemsworth, Adam Devine, and Tom Ellis. Priyanka Chopra ironically recently had a very romantic wedding at a palace in India to the pop singer Nick Jonas. It is fitting that she was cast as one of the main characters in a film called Isn’t it Romantic. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: https://deadline.com/2018/11/cats-movie-rebel-wilson-cast-as-jennyanydots-andrew-lloyd-webber-1202504908/

The All-Female Writing Team for Isn’t it Romantic

The film Isn’t it Romantic curiously has an entire writing team comprised of women. This will likely mean that the story will have an accurate portrayal of female characters. The team is made up of Erin Cardillo, Dana Fox, and Katie Silberman.

You can see the film Isn’t it Romantic starring Rebel Wilson this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Neurocore: Neurofeedback is the Best Way to Handle Mental Disorders

Our brains are amazing organs and scientists have made huge strides towards unlocking their mysteries. EEG technology, neurofeedback and brain mapping’s advancement have helped a lot in the understanding of the brain. A lot has been done to not only understand the organ, but also improve its functioning. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.


Neurocore is applying the knowledge acquired from the brain technologies to treat or improve various aspects of the brain. The company is among the few companies in the world applying the knowledge to treat mental disorders and improve mental acuity. EEG technology, neurofeedback and brain mapping have a rich history dating many decades back.


Neurocore came into existence in 2004 with the aim of providing data-driven, assessments based in the brain and training programs to adults as well as children. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers applies EEG, qEEG as well as neurofeedback to improve mental conditions of affected people. It helps patients to enhance bodies and minds as well as strength patients’ mind-body connection.


The company is leading in the application of neuroscience to improve people’s lives. It has found clients from all fields including athletes who are enhancing their training using neurofeedback. Recently, The Portland Trail Blazers partnered with Neurocore in an effort to build another “brain room” in training facilities. The brain room has the capability to enhance overall function of endocrine, brain, cardiovascular as well as respiratory systems. That is possible through assessing stress level, recovery as well as relaxation.

Check: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/neurocore


Time will tell what Neurocore’s next step is. It is definite that with the continuous widening of neurofeedback’s applications, the future of the company is bright. A lot of research has gone into coming up with new applications of the technique. It is the research that helped them to realize that they can apply the technique to improve the overall performance of athletes.


The Michigan-based company expanded rapidly after its conception and currently, its presence is being felt in both Florida and Michigan with 8 Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. While doctors are trying to treat mental disorders using medication, the company is handling it by training the brains of patients. Using the method, the company has recorded impressive results. Visit Patch.com to know more about Neurocore.

Waiakea Waters: Testing for a Sustainable Environment

The bottled water industry is facing an upsurge of new companies every other time. No research is needed to prove water as the equal of life, and as a commodity that one can package, sell and earn a living. The bottling industry, as a result, does not forget to come up with attractive designs names and adverts, to capture their target market. But for how long should the effects of plastic waste become stifling and hard to ignore? It’s this question that got the 27-year-old Ryan Emmons on his feet, and off to find a solution.

Why Waiakea Water?

Waiakea water is a company based in Hawaii and founded by Ryan Emmons. The name Waiakea; Hawaiian for ‘broad waters’ accords this company the advantage of authenticity in the already pre-informed minds of consumers, who associate Hawaii with everything environmentally positive. Its source in the volcanoes of Hawaii, Waiakea water is often referred to as volcanic water, whereby its taste usually bursts of freshness. The commodity has won praises as one of the most alkaline waters in the world with a pH of 8.8 and a TDS of 62, and requires no artificial processing, and its amounts of pH do not decrease with time.

Additionally, Waiakea Water has further decorated its name with various community projects, and prides in the ability to give back to society. Is this a marketing move? Maybe, but who wouldn’t want to be associated with a philanthropic deed, be it through the simple gesture of purchasing bottled water? Waiakea together with pump aid is working together to provide water for the less advantaged communities.

Besides, Ryan Emmons uses Waiakea Water to provide a different path for the producers of plastic material, and that’s the use of biodegradable plastic. Waiakea Water is bottled in plastic that degrades with a record time of 15 years, which is good, as compared to the ordinary plastic that degrades only after ten centuries. Waiakea Water will continue to stand out as long as they keep with efforts to conserve the environment. It is also Ryan Emmons hope that this will set the pace for other bottlers, and it will not be a passing trend.


Louis R. Chenevert: Supporting Employees with their Education

The United Technologies Corporation is the leading manufacturers of high tech products, including airplane engines, spacecraft engines, HVAC systems, escalators and elevators, industrial products, and security systems, among others. The company is also engaged in research on how they can improve their high tech products. The company has been led by some of the most outstanding people, including Louis R. Chenevert, who was years of experiences working in the industry. He is originally from Canada, but because of the opportunities that are available in the United States, he decided to migrate and shaped his career in the tech industry. He used his Bachelor of Commerce Degree that he received at the University of Montreal to advance his career, making it easier for him to get promoted to the companies where he used to work.

He used to work with General Motors, one of the leading car manufacturers in the United States. He stayed with the company for 14 years, before he decided to resign and transferred to the Pratt & Whitney, a subsidiary of the United Technologies Corporation. He worked with the company for six years, before he received a promotion to work directly with the United Technologies Corporation in 2006. He was given the role as the company’s chief operating officer, and he used his past experiences to contribute to the company’s success. Later on, Louis R. Chenevert was promoted to a higher position, this time as the company’s chairman and CEO.

Under his leadership, Louis R. Chenevert made new clients that signed contracts with the United Technologies Corporation, stating their interest with the company’s products. He also continued the partnership with the United States Military, creating state of the art technology to be used on their weapons and vehicles. One of the most celebrated accomplishments of Louis R. Chenevert would be the scholarship grant that he gave to the company’s employees who wanted to go back to school. He used the company’s funds to help them study engineering and other related courses that can be used for the company’s advantage. The United Technologies Corporation was able to support hundreds of employees who managed to become professionals.