Rebel Wilson And Her “Cats” Friends Shared Their New “Catzercise” Routine

Last month, Rebel Wilson celebrated her first major movie “Isn’t It Romantic” together with Adam DeVine, Liam Hemsworth, and Priyanka Chopra. The movie received favorable reviews and praises for the actors and actresses from the cast.

But that’s not the end yet for Wilson this year. She is also one of the cast members of the upcoming movie “Cats”. Wilson’s “Cats” friends helped her celebrate her birthday this month with a cat-inspired dance number.

Turned 29 this March 2, Rebel Wilson’s birthday was just days away after her movie’s international release through Netflix. Her performance in the movie cemented her status as one of the funniest comedians right now.

But because her romantic comedy movie was finished, Wilson can now focus on her other projects. One of her newest projects is her role in the upcoming movie “Cats ” and play the character Jennyanydots. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

In one of her recent posts on Instagram, Rebel Wilson and her “Cats” friends performed a dance number which was rehearsed for 30 minutes. Wilson then captioned the performance with “My dear friends threw me a surprise birthday that ended in CATZERCISE IN BEVERLY HILLS!”.

Wilson also posted a photo featuring her “Cats” friends donning their cat outfits while she was wearing a pink and fluffy one. Wilson captioned the picture with “The new way to get that hot Summer bod: CATZERCISE!”

Rehearsal of the said footage happened after Wilson took a cake-making class at Milkbar where she made her own cake. “Cats” co-actors and co-actresses surprised Wilson by going at her place with four pizzas. To burn out all the calories that they ate during her birthday celebration, Wilson and her friends did a “Catzercise”. It seems that the group had fun at Wilson’s birthday celebration. With the movie currently in its stage production, the group is expected to have more fun together in the coming months.

Rebel Wilson will play the character of a motherly cat called Jennyanydots, a character from T.S. Eliot’s masterpiece, “The Old Gummie Cat”. Fans are wondering how Wilson will portray the character because Jennyanydots is a challenging character.

She is known as a cat that forces a lot of mice to try various art projects such as music, crocheting, and tatting. Wilson seems to enjoy the casts in the new movie, posting a photo of her with the cast and captioning “This cast is INCREDIBLE!!”.


But Rebel Wilson’s time at the big screen will not be over this year with just “Isn’t It Romantic” and “Cats”.

She is also a star and a producer in the movie “The Hustle” which she will play the character, Lonnie. In addition to this, she will also be playing Fraulein Rahm in the movie “Jojo Rabit”.

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Heather Parry

 Heather Parry

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A Star is Born a romantic story between a famous artiste and a young singer. Bradley Cooper plays musician Jackson Maine whose career is in the verge of collapsing due to drug addiction. Lady Gaga plays the role of Ally, an upcoming young singer who falls deeply in love with Jackson. The plot of the movie is quite captivating and has been received well by the audience.

Heather Parry has been credited for producing other excellent films throughout his career. These films include Pixels and House Bunny. In a recent interview, Heather parry indicates that she has big plans for Live Nations Productions. Her long experience in the film industry makes her stand out as an exceptional producer.

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Rebel Wilson News: Facts About Isn’t It Romantic

Its almost as if every time Rebel Wilson is rumored to be in a movie, the whole world has to stop just to raise an eyebrow or two. This is usually the case because Rebel Wilson is not only beautiful, secure and confident but also loves to give nothing less than a hundred percent in whatever role she plays. And the latter explains why everyone is excited about her latest project which is a rom-com entitled Isn’t It Romantic.

Sans its incredibly unique and well-thought plot, the movie also has quite a number of incredibly gifted actors and actresses who happen to be taking some interesting roles. Some of these thespians include Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Saunders, Priyanka Chopra, Tom Ellis, Betty Gilpin, And Adam De Vine just to mention a few.

The Pre-Fame Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson had a pretty difficult time transitioning from an introvert to the humorous extrovert that we all love and adore today. This U-turn change happened when she was only 15 and realized that she had two options; to either change or forever remain enclosed, and have everything that’s good in life pass her by.

Lucky for Rebel, her entire family was there to help her overcome her shyness. And after a few months of taking part in extracurricular activities, Rebel Wilson became a completely new person. Her self confidence had spiked so high she just couldn’t help becoming a feminist for a tiny period of time.

Later at 17, Rebel Wilson spent almost a year at the Australia Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program. This was right before she joined the University of New South Wales and later, the Australian Theatre for Young People. It was at the Australian Theatre for Young people that rebel Wilson discovered her funny side and never looked back.

Other Movies Rebel Wilson Has Been In

Rebel Wilson got her big break in the year 2000 courtesy of the role she played on Pizza. At that point, all she cared about was putting smiles on people faces. Little did she know that she’d just taken her first step towards taking over the whole world. The last movie she was featured on was Bogan Pride in 2008 before making her big jump to Hollywood – a move that left almost everyone a tad skeptical.

Watch the video below:

Some of the most notable movies that Rebel Wilson has been featured in over the last decade left a mark on movie history. Some of these movies include Bridesmaids, Bachelorette, This Means War, Small Apartments, Pitch Perfect, How To Be Single and now, the soon to be released Isn’t It Romantic.

And needless to say, the reason why we are all super excited to see Rebel Wilson in this upcoming rom-com is that of her starling performances on the above-mentioned projects.

And since rebel Wilson has gone on record (and on several occasions) stating that she relies on her wit more than she does her looks, you can only expect nothing short of fireworks come February 14th when isn’t it romantic finally hits the big screens.