George Soros Finally Reveals His Feelings About Anti-Semitism

In 2010, Hendrik Hertzberg had commented on Fox News attacking George Soros particularly Glen Beck. There were ads using soundtracks of thumping hearts and a superimposed Jewish star. There were clips and soundbites from George Soros interviews claiming that his mother was antisemitic. The heartbeat grew louder and louder. George Soros is touted as a liberal and anti-totalarian. He’s a hedge fund investor. Soros was considered a puppet for the Nazis and used the Jewish community by ticking them to play into the hands of the Nazis during the days of the Holocaust on Politico. Glen Beck’s tirade is nothing new, the Hungarian government has been ridiculing Soros with these slurs for many years.

Soros was born Schwartz György. He was an adolescent during the Holocaust era. Soros’ father, a lawyer, managed to falsify family documents to hide the fact that they were Jews. Members of Fox News and Glen Beck think that Soros was a double agent who was really controlled by the Nazis to help them exterminate the Jewish community. Soros was a messenger for the Nazis back in 1944. Beck accuses Soros of being a tool for the Nazis, like a puppet hanging from strings by a puppeteer who makes the puppet move any way he wants it to. Today, Soros will not defend his accusations and seems to not care at all that he is being accused of antisemitism. It doesn’t matter if charges are coming from Fox News or from his homeland of Hungary. He will not stand up and defend himself against the anti-semitism allegations. It gives people the idea that perhaps he really is antisemitic rather than feeling like he has to defend himself against something he thinks is crazy.

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Soros was a messenger for the Budapest Jewish Council, an organization for aging Jews who were terrified of the Nazis. The organization believed that if they could keep the Jewish members calm and if the people followed the rules of the Gestapo, maybe their lives would be spared. George Soros alerted the Jews to report to certain collection points around the city. Soros’s father urged his son to resist the rules of the Gestapo. Tivadar Soros didn’t follow rules and owed his family’s survival by doing all he could do to hide the Jewishness of his family. Even though people believed that following rules would spare them the gas chamber, it never worked out. Those people who changed their names and Jewish affiliation were the ones who were spared.

George Soros was accused of bringing down governments. He fought to help bring down communist governments in favor of commonwealths. During the Reagan administration, Soros created an Open Society on

Sometimes his mouth got him in trouble when Soros said that anti-semitism was the cause of the policies between Israel and The United States. Soros admitted he is of the Jewish faith.

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