The Career Opportunities from Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos, the current secretary of education, has had a long career in the field of education. She has not been an actual educator but she has done many things to change the way that education works and to make things better for people who need to get some type of education no matter what their economic situation is. Since Betsy DeVos has been working in education for such a long time, it makes her the perfect fit for the Secretary of Education position. It also allows her the chance to see that there is a lot more to education than just figuring out what kind of material students need to learn. She has the experience that is required for her to be able to learn more and to do more with the options that she has. It also gives her the chance to see the way that children are able to get different things out of the educational system.

When Betsy DeVos first started the position that she was previously in, she knew that it was going to be important for her to make sure that she was teaching people the right things that they needed to know about education. She wanted them to be able to recognize that there were major flaws with the system and something needed to be done to make life better for the children that the educational system was supposed to be helping. It was a major problem but was something that DeVos knew would be able to be solved. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

She lobbied to get the rights of children put before anything else. This gave her a chance to see that children were not getting what they could out of different situations and to also recognize that their needs were not being met from the educational opportunities that they had. She wanted to see the availability of high-quality education for every student in the United States. It was something that she saw as somewhat of a necessity to the changes that were going to be made and to the opportunities that people would have with their education.

While she was doing all of this, she was also coming up with ideas to make things better. For example, she implemented a voucher program that allowed children to go to different schools if they wanted to. She did this along with charter schools and came up with the plans to show people what they would be able to help their children with if they took advantage of the programs. It was something that she felt strongly about and something that she was very comfortable with while she was in different situations with both her charity and philanthropic efforts. Read more news on