A Review Of The Importance Of Success Academy’s Pre-K Program

When Success Academy won the right to offer pre-K in New York City without the interference of the Department of Education, the management of the same welcomed the decision. This is because its pre-K is a special initiative. To this end, the program should be exempted from the Department of Education’s rules and regulations.

In the last one year, the city has withdrawn public funding for the 72 pre-kindergarteners at the Success Academy. It insisted that a Department of Education Contract be signed, thus subjecting the initiative to all types of government bureaucracy. Devoid of the school aid, the organization had to suspend its pre-K programs. However, following a ruling by a New York State appellate court in favor of the Success Academy, the institution has the right to manage pre-K independently. The ruling is important because Success Academy has been a lifeline for a number of families, especially those that have children with special needs.

The organization has exceptional teachers who foster on enhancing cohesion within the institution. They are also focused on developing the children’s character and helping them to learn more about themselves. Additionally, the teachers give the children a strong foundation in reading, math, and writing. They also regularly find creative methods to make learning enjoyable for the children. The experience that Success Academy’s pre-K program gives to the children is vital in their transition to Kindergarten. The program offers the best option for a large number of New York families that want a great future for their children

According to Eva Moskowitz, the founder and CEO of Success Academy, her goal was to launch high-performing schools while working to enhance American education. Recently, her organization inaugurated the Success Academy Education Institute. The free portal provides access to the institution’s curriculum and teacher development strategies. Moskowitz noted that many children across the country are trapped in schools where they do not learn mathematics or read and write at the basic level. To this end, Success Academy feels immense pressure to be part of the solution. Eva’s tranformative leadership has played a pivotal role in transforming education in schools. This way, Success Academy has enrolled many children from needy families.