How Copa Star is competing for the Top Position in Brazil’s Healthcare Industry

The success of a hospital facility is reliant on a number of factors. Of course you have to have a great team of highly- skilled, trained and motivated professionals. But then, you also have to employ a great administration team. They should be in a position to offer their patients quality services that will make them stand out of the rest. They have to have that one quality that gets people talking. That is exactly what Copa Star is doing. Since the very first day, the owners knew that they wanted to stand out from the other hospitals in Rio de Janeiro.

The construction of Copa Star started back in the year 2013 and in just two short years, the 7-story building was complete. The beautiful architecture lies on 10,000 Sq. meters making each inch elegant. It cost the owners $115 million, but it was of course worth every cent. There are 105 private suites and 45 Intensive Care Units. Each of these rooms are equipped with stately equipment. There are more surgery rooms and even hybrid rooms so that the hospital is able to treat all kinds of illnesses. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

One of the most beautiful thing about this hospital is the lighting. The lighting can be noticed from miles away, and it gives one the impression that the building holds a five-star hotel. The décor on the hallways and all rooms is also something that makes the hospital stand out. There are also spacious hallway that kept clean at all times.

The private suits are enough to carry more than a hundred patients. These suits are self-contained so that every patient has everything that they need. The goal here is to allow the patients utmost privacy and control of the environment in which they continue to heal. They can control the lighting mood of their rooms. They also don’t have to be forced to keep drapes drawn when they don’t want to.

At Copa Star, you nutritional needs are well catered for. Unlike other hospitals where you have to deal with food cooked in poor hygiene conditions, overcooked or undercooked and getting a meal that you have no appetite for, Copa Star treats you to international cuisines that are made by Swedish chefs. Whatever menu you choose, you will get and get it fresh. All the chefs do is to ensure that you get a diet with the recommended nutrients so that your recovery can be speeded.

All these factors considered, we can fairly conclude that Copa Star is a State-of-the-art hospital. The hospital is ideal for the elite in Rio de Janeiro and beyond.

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