Brad Reifler Has Experiences In Investing That Have Helped Change His Company’s Objective

Brad Reifler knows that investing has been something that many middle class and lower income people have looked at in a bad light over the years, and he is working to change how people look at it. His company, Forefront Capital has recently opened a fund that allows non-accredit investors to open an account with for only $1,000.

He started this fund at his company because at one point he had tried to open a college savings fund for his daughters that didn’t make the profits he had hoped it would when the time came, and it actually lost some money.

He had also tried to invest his father’s lifesavings in an alternative investment fund where he had hoped to open an IRA, but because his father was unaccredited he had limited options to do so.

These experiences for Brad Reifler prompted him to weigh in on the 2016 box office hit, Money Monster. Although all the people and events that happen in this movie are fictional, Reifler says that many people experience similar situations in today’s marketplace.

But he believes if accountability and transparency is brought to Wall Street and its investment companies that people can once again believe in investing and its benefits.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler says that the stock market should not be the only place investors look to when deciding to invest. While there are a lot of good stocks and funds to invest in here, it’s also a very risky environment.

He also says investors have to know who they’re investing with, and make sure their investment manager has proven results. But lastly he says investors have to have a goal while investing, and they should never deviate away from that goal.

His first company, Reifler Trading Company was started in 1982 and Reifler built its portfolio into millions of dollars in assets under management. It became a prominent independent futures company that was later merged with Refco. Reifler started Pali Capital in 1982 and it became a large private equity firm and hedge fund manager.

Bloomberg has it that after running this company for 14 years, Brad Reifler built Forefront Capital which soon built a client base of some of New York’s most respected financial clients. He started Forefront Income Trust for non-accredited investors in 2014 and continues to work on their behalf to find more alternatives to the stock market for investing.

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