The Chainsmokers interview

The Chainsmokers have only been out for about three years, but they have had a massive amount of success in that short amount of time. They have won several awards and collaborated with a few well known artists in the process. Some of their popular hits include: “Roses” “Closer” “Something Just like This” “Don’t let me down” and “Paris.” They have collaborated with artists such as Coldplay, Daya, and Halsey. The duo group used to have other artists sing to their beats, but recently Alex started singing instead. Before the chainsmokers hit it off big, Alex and Andrew were just regular guys with a dream.

Andrew already had a small career going on with DJing. He loved it and carried a passion for it, but was afraid to make a career out of it because it seemed too fun to be considered a job. But one day, he just decided that he wanted to give it ago, and so he told his manager, and his manager introduced him to his former group member, Alex.

Alex also loved music and was interested in DJing, but he was also into production. Alex produced a couple of songs and put them on his soundcloud. He watched other DJ’s making it big, and he was inspired. He was a college student at the time when someone told him that a duo group named the Chainsmokers needed a second member. Alex lived in Maine, but when he heard about the opportunity he went straight for it and took a bus to New York to meet Andrew.

When Andrew and Alex met, they started making music instantly, and that is where the chainsmokers began. It didn’t take them long to create some of the top hits you hear on the radio today.

Norka Luque Showcase: The Destiny in Music

Norka Luque believes that she comes from one of the most blessed families in the world. She has realized her experiences, cultures, and life lessons point towards her music destiny. Therefore, her understanding is inclined towards a music career. During her showcase, she said that her past life is an accurate reflection of what she has become today.

The Venezuelan singer burst into the world of music with energetic talent by the help of the legendary producer Emilio Estefan. Her album “Milagro” was presented during the showcase. The word emanates from Latin to mean the purest mindset of success through miracles. For the record, she was brought together by Emilio with a group of producers to develop her first album. The Ricardo brothers, Archie Pena, and Alberto Gaitan were some of the members behind the album.

According to Norka Luque, the only thing that took too long to determine is the genre of the music. For them, the style appeared to be a mixture of pop, ballad, blues, and rhythm.

Norka loved singing. While she was a child, she could sing whenever she had personal stress. Her mother noted the talent in her. For this reason, the decided to take her to a music school to develop the talent. Norka decided to pursue her dreams. When Norka was young, she never slept until her mother played music. This was the only thing that could lure her to sleep. They struggled to bring home the best genres of music for their child. When Norka finished high school, she went to France to pursue her university education. While in the University of France, she knew that her dream was in music. Therefore, she decided to engage herself in activities that reflected her future. She got an opportunity to join the Bad Moon Rising band in France where she sang as a soloist. The people liked her vocals and extended numerous invitations to various nightclubs in Paris.

Norka finished her studies and went back to the United States. For over four years, she waited for an opportunity to meet with a producer. When she met with the legendary music producer Emilio Estefan, she knew that her prayers were answered. She presented her work to Emilio who in turn liked the spirit in the young talent. He extended an invitation to the studio.