NFL Week 17 Mismatches Are Your Potential Pleasure

The 2016 regular season of the NFL comes to a close with week 17 as we are on the edge of passing onto 2017! This means it’s time for one last day of regular season NFL betting and the last chance to take advantage of some of the biggest mismatches in terms of football odds. One game to keep a special eye on will be the matchup between the Houston Texans and the Tennessee Titans. As it stands on, the football odds are now at Tennessee -3. The public voting favors Houston at a 62% clip, however, there is more to this game than meets the eye. This game has no impact on the final playoff picture as the Texans will secure the AFC North title even in the event that they lose to the Titans. Nevertheless, there is still much at stake for the Texans as they will need this game to gauge who their quarterback will be in the playoffs between the slumping Brock Osweiler and the green Tom Savage.

Osweiler’s first year as the starting quarterback in Houston has been rough with him having thrown 2 more interceptions than touchdowns in 14 games. Especially troubling has been the Texans’ ability to convert in the red zone with Osweiler at the helm. When the Texans have been inside the opponents’ 20-yard line, they have only scored touchdowns 39.02 percent of the time. This is good for second worst in the league. This can spell an upset in terms of football odds as the Titans are best in the league at converting in the red zone. The Titans have scored from inside the opponents’ 20-yard line 72.34% of the time.

To be sure, the injury to quarterback Marcus Mariota has been a blow to the Titans. But even with backup quarterback Matt Cassel starting, one can expect an advantage for the Titans to convert more in the red zone. In particular, the running game of the Titans has been sharp this season as they have averaged nearly 140 yards per game. The Titans will run the ball more and if they continue their success, one can expect more red zone conversions. And as we know, more conversions very often means scoring more than your opponent. With this in mind, an upset is brewing and you can join in on the fun by placing your NFL bets at