Osteoarthritis is a Painful Condition Treated at ORI in Denver

Osteoarthritis is a painful degenerative disease affecting the tissues and joints in the body. It is the most commonly diagnosed type of arthritis, although more than 100 different types exist. Osteoarthritis affects women more than men, though both genders are at risk, especially as they age. Despite no cure for osteoarthritis, patients suffering from the condition can find relief from the pain through various treatment options.


Osteo Relief Institute provides hope and relief for osteoarthritis patients. At the ORI, many state-of-the art treatment options help patients alleviate some of the pain they experience (AskReporter). In turn, patients can maximize their enjoyment of life without succumbing to the pain.


Osteo Relief Institute is located in Denver, Colorado. The center has the perfect mountainous backdrop that provides patients peace of mind and comfort during their visit. The center treats patients in the local area, as well as in Fountain, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Lakewood, and even as far as Trinidad. With caring specialists who aim to help improve your life, it is worth the short drive to the ORI.


If you’ve yet to receive an osteoarthritis diagnosis but suspect this condition is causing your pain, the professionals at Osteo Relief Institute will provide examinations and make the right diagnosis so treatment can begin. Most people who suspect they’re suffering from osteoarthritis are correct in their assumptions, but the ORI doctors can do more than assume. Signs that indicate osteoarthritis include pain and swelling, especially when getting out of bed in the morning; joint stiffness; bone spurs; loss of flexibility; and inflammation.


Without proper treatment for osteoarthritis, joint replacement surgery might become necessary. Patients who delay treatment are at greater risk for this surgery (http://reporterexpert.com/osteo-relief-institute-experts/). The sooner you make an appointment with ORI, the sooner you can begin alleviating the pain, further reducing the possibility that you will need a joint replacement surgery to assist you.