Acts Of Kindness Matched By CEO Tony Petrello During Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Nabors Industries has 1,200 employees within Houston, Texas. When many of those employees decided to help with the pain-staking recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey, their CEO Tony Petrello was standing right by their side in support.

Hurricane Harvey left a trail of destruction in its path causing the worst damage the state has seen since 1970. Texas Governor Greg Abbot determined from the very beginning that the storm was going to be a long recovery period for the state. Because of the extensive flooding in the area, there was a reduction of resources as well as delays for food supplies and other necessities for families. The recovery efforts were going to take more than the typical agencies that were already sent into Texas.

Tony helped the employees of Nabors Industries begin a relief fund for the community to help with essential needs. Together with Tony, the employees were able to raise $173,000 which included a dollar for dollar match from their CEO. Tony saw the project implemented by Nabor Industries employees as an occasion to further his passion towards helping others as well.

Although many of the employees were suffering from the effects of the Hurricane Harvey themselves, they wanted to do more to help with the recovery efforts.


In an unfrequented act of compassion by a CEO of any company, Tony Petrello arraigned for the employees to receive compensation for service completed with a recovery project to help their Houston community. Since giving back to the community is an integral part of the Nabor Industries presence within Houston, Texas, it was fitting that Tony would support the project with employees being paid. And, it was also the act of kindness that is typically done by the Newark, New Jersey native.

Although Tony did not grow up in Houston, Texas, his roots are established within the community through philanthropy service. Tony supported the community when there was a need for a research center for neurological diseases. Through his personal donation of $7 million, the Jan and Dan Duncan Institute was established. The institute is now developing ground-breaking research and testing for many neurological diseases.

Tony discovered the need for a research center after his eight-year old daughter Carena was born with cerebral palsy. Tony and his wife Cynthia were astounded to find the limited research and quickly sprang into action to support families in similar situations as they were. Tony also supports the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston which he donated $1.85 million.

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Besty Devos Amazing Background

Elisabeth Dee Devos is known for being the 11th and current United States Secretary of Education along with that she is also able to be an excellent American businesswoman and politician. She happens to be a current member of the Republican Party and is widely known for her support for school voucher, school choice and charter schools.

From 1992 until 1997 she was able to serve, for Michigan, as being Republican National Committeewoman. Then in 1996 until 2000 Betsy served as being a chairwoman for the Michigan Republican Party, for which the reelection was held in 2003.


In 2004 Devos took it upon herself to personally raise well over $150,000, to go towards the Bush re-election campaign. Along with that she also happened to host a Republican fundraiser in 2008, at her home, that happened to be headlined by President George W. Bush. She spent two years proudly being the finance chairperson during the Bush Administration. During the 2016 election for the Republican Party presidential primaries, Devos gladly donated to help Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush, before she ultimately decided to start supporting Marco Rubio.


Currently, Betsy is known for being married the Dick Devos, which happens to be the former CEO of Amway. Along with being married to Dick Devos, she is the daughter in law of Richard Devos, Which happens to be Amway’s billionaire co-founder. In 1989 she and her husband happened to of found Windquest Group. This happens to be a privately held group that helps to invest in clean energy, manufacturing, and technology. Betsy Devos happens to be the current chairwoman of the company.


Both Betsy and her husband are both known for being the chief investors of Neurocore. This is a group that is able to happily offer brain performance centers that offer biofeedback therapy. These services are usually available for Attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety, and autism. The therapy tries to help retrain the patients’ brains by showing movies to their patients and then they interrupt their patients when they seem like they are becoming distracted. Betsy shortly after then announced that she wanted to step down from the company’s board but that she fully intended on keeping her investment that she had in the company. The value of this investment was said to be valued at between $5 million and $25 million.


Betsy was born on January 8, 1958, where she happened to grow up in Holland, Michigan. She is known for being the daughter of Elsa Prince and Edgar Prince. Both of her parents happen to come from Dutch ancestry. Her father happened to be the founder of Prince Corporation, which happens to be based in Holland, Michigan and is an automobile parts supplier. The Devos family is currently known as being among Michigan’s wealthiest families.


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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Say Trump Is Heartless To End DACA

The ending of the DACA program is heartless, says Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, founders of the Frontera Fund.

In upholding his campaign promise, President Trump ended the DACA program that protects hundreds of thousands of young immigrants who grew up in the United States. An unwise decision that especially will hurt the country, says Larkin and Lacey.

Just days before his decision, President Trump had told news sources that “I have a big heart, so dreamers should not be too worried,” so this about face came as a bit of a shock.

Trump could have listened to the advice of business and political leaders of both parties. They had insisted not to stop Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) because the country benefits economically from the program.

The DACA program guarantees a right to remain in the US for young people whose parents are illegal and brought their kids to the US. It ensures that they can be official members of society in the only place they call home.

More than 800,000 dreamers are not at risk of deportation, unless Congress finds a solution. President Obama enacted the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in June 2012. Read more; Michael Lacey | Twitter

As of March, 2017, US Citizenship and Immigration Services say the United States has about 800,000 registered DACA residents. According to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, advocates of immigration like the Frontera Fund will continue to protests for the rights of dreamers. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael:

The DACA program is set to expire on March 5, the 2018. Until then, President Trump has handed the issue over to Congress, telling them to find a solution.

According to Lacey and Larkin, this move is just a way for Trump to keep his campaign promise while placing the issue in the laps of others. New applications for the program are no longer being accepted, but up until October 5, 2018, current dreamers are able to extend their two-year work permit.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin both say this program has a positive impact on the hundreds of thousands who came into the US as children of illegal immigrants, but also to the US economy. Larkin and Lacey also express concern about a significant increase of upcoming arrests and deportations.

Established in 2014, the Frontera Fund helps to promote equality and justice for immigrants. Founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are dedicated to exposing injustice and advocating to support the rights of migrants, and immigrants.

James Larkin; Irish Labor Leader

James Larkin was born on 28th January 1874 in Liverpool, England as the 2nd born son of Irish immigrants, James Larking and Mary Ann McNulty. James lived in Liverpool’s slum was brought up poor, due to their state.

He worked from the early age of seven to supplement the family’s income. His father passed away when he was only fourteen years and had to drop out of school and become the family’s bread winner.

By 1903 he had become a foreman and worked at the docks. It is at this time he saw how his fellow workers were treated so inhumanly. He developed a deep interest in socialism. In 1905 he was one in a few foremen who took part in a formal strike. The strike ended up costing him his job at the docks. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

However, as luck would have it National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) were so impressed by him that they offered him a post in the union as a temporary organizer which later led to him getting a full-time position with the union.

Jim was very successful in reeling up workers all over Ireland in 1907. It is here that in 1910 he was expelled from the union as an official and formally prosecuted for allegedly misappropriating the union’s funds. He was sentenced to 1 year in prison but only served three months after Lord-Lieutenant, Lord Aberdeen pardoned him.

Though down he certainly was not out; he started Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU) in 1908 which still exists up to date under the name Services Industrial Professional & Technical Union (SIPTU). He settled in Dublin making it the main base for the union.

His most infamous achievement occurred in early 1913 where he staged a strike that involved a hundred thousand workers and ended up lasting for more than seven months. It is during this momentous occasion that he coined his most known phrase, “A fair day’s work for an honest day’s pay.” Read more: Jim Larkin – Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

He, later on, shifted to the United States where he tried to raise money to fight off the British during World War I, which he opposed. He was later arrested and convicted of anarchy and communism in 1920. James served three years of his sentence and was deported to Ireland, where he organized the Workers Union of Ireland.

It was for his efforts that the Communist International in 1924 recognized him. James had married Elizabeth Brown in 1913 and were both blessed with four sons. He died on January, 30th 1947 and was buried in Ireland, his parents’ home country.

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The Career Opportunities from Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos, the current secretary of education, has had a long career in the field of education. She has not been an actual educator but she has done many things to change the way that education works and to make things better for people who need to get some type of education no matter what their economic situation is. Since Betsy DeVos has been working in education for such a long time, it makes her the perfect fit for the Secretary of Education position. It also allows her the chance to see that there is a lot more to education than just figuring out what kind of material students need to learn. She has the experience that is required for her to be able to learn more and to do more with the options that she has. It also gives her the chance to see the way that children are able to get different things out of the educational system.

When Betsy DeVos first started the position that she was previously in, she knew that it was going to be important for her to make sure that she was teaching people the right things that they needed to know about education. She wanted them to be able to recognize that there were major flaws with the system and something needed to be done to make life better for the children that the educational system was supposed to be helping. It was a major problem but was something that DeVos knew would be able to be solved. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

She lobbied to get the rights of children put before anything else. This gave her a chance to see that children were not getting what they could out of different situations and to also recognize that their needs were not being met from the educational opportunities that they had. She wanted to see the availability of high-quality education for every student in the United States. It was something that she saw as somewhat of a necessity to the changes that were going to be made and to the opportunities that people would have with their education.

While she was doing all of this, she was also coming up with ideas to make things better. For example, she implemented a voucher program that allowed children to go to different schools if they wanted to. She did this along with charter schools and came up with the plans to show people what they would be able to help their children with if they took advantage of the programs. It was something that she felt strongly about and something that she was very comfortable with while she was in different situations with both her charity and philanthropic efforts. Read more news on

George Soros’ Democrats financial workhorse

George Soros is a strong workhorse for the Democratic party. He is a strong advocate for criminal justice and immigration reform. Most recently he gave $2 million to a PAC, that worked to defeat Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Maricopa Strong received funds from George Soros as well as Laurene Powell Jobs and Texas energy billionaires Laura and John Arnold. Read his profile at Forbes.

Soros has spent the last few years fighting to defeat local prosecutors who are rewriting laws. Soros has also spent millions in three district attorney races: Houston’s Harris County, Gilpin and Jefferson counties in Colorado and Phoenix’s Maricopa County. Between the three races, he has contributed nearly $3 million dollars. Soros’s spending against Sheriff Arpaio is his largest investment in a local race. Soros has been fighting back against corrupt immigration and criminal justice policies.

George Soros’ funded Maricopa Strong spent $2.9 million in the race, funding a flurry of TV ads and mailers, promoting candidate Paul Penzone and attacking Arpaio. Soros usually works alone when it comes to spending in local campaigns but Jobs and Arnolds joined him in funding Maricopa Strong. Soros wanted to defeat Sheriff Joe Arpaio because he violated civil rights and abused his office. Also because of his influence on the immigration conversation nationwide has been dangerous.

Democrats and PACs have been attempting to defeat Arpaio since 2012. George Soros continues to be a strong financier, when it comes to the issues that matter to him. Soros supports immigration, because of his experience of growing up in Hungary. Soros’ efforts came as Arpaio was found guilty of civil contempt of court and facing up to six months in jail. George Soros has financially supported the Democratic Party throughout the 2016 election; he gave millions in support of Hillary Clinton and gave millions to fix our corrupt criminal justice system.


PodcastOne Network’s New Show Beyond the Darkness

Norman Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One, America’s largest radio network founded in 2007. In 2010, Pattiz created the Courtside Entertainment Group from which he introduced the PodcastOne and the PodcastOne Sale. As the chairman, he has led the two towards becoming the leading national podcast in marketing and sales. Apart from his leadership in broadcast, Pattiz serves as the chairman of Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories and a regent of the University of California.


With over 40 years of experience in radio syndication, Pattiz has received a series of awards including the Distinguished Education Service Award, The Freedom of Speech Award, and numerous Broadcaster of the Year Award. His name has also been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame for his significant contribution to the radio industry. He also received awards from the Giant of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting. In 2000, he was appointed as a member of the America’s Broadcasting Board of Governors by President Clinton and was re-appointed in 2002 by President Bush.


PodcastOne announced a new show, Beyond the Darkness, that will air on World Wrestling Entertainment Chris Jericho’s Podcast network. The show will involve researchers to bring stimulating conversations meant to enlighten the viewers. Beyond the Darkness is created to capture the audience in the paranormal broadcasting industry. The content will include important topics that have raised unanswered questions in the past and present generation. The diversity of subjects will aim at challenging everything the audience think they know about ghost, angels, demons, aliens, mysteries, and miracles.


The introduction of the new show will aim at expanding the network beyond wrestling. The show will include Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis who are well known for their paranormal broadcasting. The two already have a large fan base that believes in their subject matters. The network’s long-term objective is to grow their already massive audience. Viewers can now access more information from the network’s website;


PodcastOne Network was launched in 2012 to capture the untapped opportunities in the audio-on-demand industry. The network quickly grew to one of the leading distributors of audio-on-demand programming. More than 200 of today’s popular podcasts are hosted by the network including, but not limited to, Ross Mathews, Rich Eisen, Eddie Truck, the Forbes on Podcast Network, Penn Jillette, Chris Jericho, and Adam Carolla.

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The Life of Entrepreneur Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is an innovative, reputable community and business entrepreneur. He was born on October 21, 1955, as Richard Marvin DeVos, Jr. He is the son of Richard DeVos, Sr, who is the co-founder of Amway. Dick has covered his business career serving in various executive positions at The Windquest Group, where he is currently the President, the NBA’s Orlando Magic and Amway.

Dick DeVos was the President of Amway from 1993 to 2002, where he was responsible for all the aspects of the operations of Amway in 50 countries around six continents. In the final fiscal year of service at Amway, the company reported $4.5 billion sales. Before assuming the Presidency, DeVos was the Vice President of Amway International. As the Vice President, he was responsible for the operations of the company in 18 nations outside North America. It was under his administration that the organization opened up to new markets, which led to the tripling of international sales. For the first time, the domestic sales were exceeded by global sales in the company.

In 1991, the DeVos family acquired Orlando Magic, and he became the President and CEO of the team, a position he served for three years. In addition to successfully executed business roles, DeVos has been an impassioned leader in a broad spectrum of community initiatives. He is the proud founder of the Education Freedom Fund, which granted over 4,000 scholarships to the less privileged children in Michigan. These awards went to the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is a High School that purposes to provide a rigorous and in-depth educational program with a focus on aviation.

He has also been privileged to serve on the State Board of Education. He has chaired and co-chaired numerous regional health care improvements and revitalization in the Grand Rapid area. Some of such include a $90 million medical school, $130 million heart hospital, $30 million Downtown Market, $212 million convention center, and a $75 million downtown arena. Dick DeVos is the proud author of “Rediscovering American Values“, which is New York Times best-selling book. The book was published in 1997 and is accessible in seven languages.

He is also a two-time National Champion sailor. Dick is a magna cum laude graduate of Northwood University with a Bachelor in Business Administration. He has also attended the Harvard Business School in addition to attending the Executive Study Programs at the Wharton School.