Sawyer Howitt: Young, Ambitious And Talented

Sawyer Howitt is a talented racquetball player that currently resides within Portland Orgeon. Howitt appeared to be most active practicing his sport throughout late 2014 into 2015. The majority of racquetball games that Sawyer Howitt played up to this point have been men’s singles.

Howitt has played many games within Oregon High School Racquetball Championship. In addition, Howitt is well known at the Racquetball Club of Portland. Sawyer Howitt would spend a great deal of time practicing racquetball at the Racquetball Club.

Sawyer Howitt is a second semester senior that has taken an interest in business, finance as well as marketing. Hewitt appears ambitious with great hopes and expectations for his future. Hewitt’s studies are priority however, in his free time he can be found either practicing or playing racquetball. Hewitt also enjoys watching others play the game.

Sawyer Howitt would like to one day become a professional racquetball player. Howitt certainly has the talent and drive to make it to the pros one day. However, for now Howitt is content going to school and playing racquetball every chance that he gets.

Sawyer Howitt currently holds a position as Project Manager for the Meriwether Group. Howitt is well seasoned in being able to recognize the important operational as well as financial needs of a growing business or organization. Recognizing and understanding the financial and operational needs of a business helps the company better relate to the consumer.

For now, Sawyer Howitt is quite happy with his daily life. He is still a student but already has an established career. In addition, he will continue to sharpen his talent on the racquetball court every chance he has. One day Howitt just may make it to the pros.

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