Water is life. This is a basic need that people cannot live without. Waiakea Water was founded in the year 2012 by Ryan Emmons. It is a mineral bottled brand with the aim of cumulating hygienic water supply in Hawaii and all over the world. Since its launch, it has focused on refining health conditions around different states by providing sustainable and clean water.

According to Crunchbase, Before being bottled, Waiakea water brand is filtered naturally through a long distance of volcanic rock.

The end product is healthy in rich minerals and electrolytes from the Waiakea spring, therefore enhancing the perfect sweet natural test of the water. Ryan Emmons is overwhelmed with the fast rise of the brand, it approximately delivers in over thirty states in the US.

Due to the high demand of the brand all over the world, the corporation decided to start a new business firm In Hawaii to increase its produce.

As a result of its long involvement with the company Pump Aid, it has recently announced the fruitful sponsorship of six fresh elephant pumps in Malawi. The pumps have immensely improved the lives of the less fortunate in Malawi.

The pumps deliver clean and fresh water to different communities, as a result a number of kids are now in school, a supply of healthy food and decrease in water-borne diseases. Since partnering with Pump Aid, the brand has over 500 million liters of donated water.

The corporation’s philanthropic efforts of donating its brand to multiple states and communities and also educating those who need help, has widened its mission of sustainability and healthy natural product.

Forbes believes that the founder of Waiakea water company believes that its involvement with other larger and local firms will heighten the goals of the brand.

Ryan Emmons is impressed with the great work the company is doing alongside Pump Aid. Waiakea water has been declared to the first to be certified CarbonNeutral because of its unique features.