Roberto Santiago Makes Good on Real Estate Investments

Roberto Santiago is armed with a degree in Business Administration. This makes him the perfect candidate for a variety of different areas of business. The business that Roberto Santiago chose to go into is real-estate. He eventually made a choice to venture into this because he felt that he could do something to change the commercial landscape of Brazil.


Roberto Santiago has been a long time entrepreneur that has taking on different investments throughout the years, but he has been able to build a better career as an investor after he developed the Manaira Mall.


This is really the highlight of the career of Roberto Santiago. He has seen some different type of commercial properties go up, but the development of this mall is what has allowed him to gain a lot of attention as a true shaker and mover in the real estate industry in Latin America.


This is a mega mall that has become the talk of the town for shoppers in Brazil. People that come to this location cannot help but to be impressed. There are so many different facets of this mall that many people may never even explore during one trip.


In recent years there was a concert hall that was added to this mall so it serves as a place for entertainment for concerts throughout the year. There is also a conference room for people that would like to have meetings. There is even a ballroom available for anyone that may be interested in having a wedding reception. This mall definitely is different from anything that people may have experienced before. The fact that it is unique is what has allowed many people to get involved with this shopping arena.


This may actually be one of the best things in the world of Brazilian economy. There is quite a bit of shopping that can be done here. When people are able to shop more they have a great chance of spending and stimulating the economy in Brazil. There definitely are quite a few people that are interested in coming to this mall when they visit Brazil because it has become a huge tourist attraction. There is never a dull moment with the amusement park and the bowling alley inside of the Manaira Mall. There is also an area called the Space Lounge that serves as a bar for people that just want to hang out together.


It is not uncommon for people to park their cars in the massive parking lot for this mall and spend an entire day here. That is just how many things people have access to when they come to this mall. The consumers can shop, eat and entertain themselves.