I Was Hacked – How Rubica Keeps Foes on Their Toes!

Imagine waking up one morning to a notification that could potentially change your life.I didn’t have to imagine.I was another victim of the May 2017 WannaCry assault. I was hacked and afraid of sensitive information getting leaked.150 countries had to suffer losses.


This is why Obama and Trump directed their immediate attention to the strengthening of cyber defenses.


Thankfully, my husband had added me to his Rubica account which basically granted me maximum coverage against cyber bullies.Rubica is a behind-the-scenes, full-service personal cyber security company operated by an entourage of cyber geniuses. I was hacked, but the team was able to intercept my intruder’s attack before he could do any real damage.I didn’t have to worry about my privacy being invaded because I knew my rescuers would use the web traffic flow on my device to pick up on strange activity and block it, not pry. By creating patterns, Rubica keeps their database updated.After joining their stronghold, I was under 24/7 protection everywhere.


Yes, I was hacked but having a strong ally, who has worked with the NSA and the US Navy, on my side saved me.It is estimated that the cyber crime cost will reach a whopping $101 billion in 2018.Are you prepared?

Bob Reina: Real and Organic

In today’s day and age, it is very hard to find people that are coming from the heart. It is easy to spot the phonies out there as there are plenty of them. They usually lay on the charm very thick and they like to play games with people. That is how they operate and that is how they have gotten by in their own lives. They are what is called a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They might appear to be a nice man or a nice woman, but they have motives. It is only a matter of time before someone figures them out.


As far as Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, is concerned, he is as real as it gets.  Not only does he love people, but he also loves animals. He is a true animal lover, as evidenced by his donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, which was record breaking. Things like this don’t happen every day for animals.


Even with a successful product like Talk Fusion, which has video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, he is still giving back by allowing people the chance to try it out for thirty days. It has changed the lives of a great number of people, but he still wants people to try it out. A lot of people need a little reassurance and they need to have a hands-on approach. This allows them to have it and see what it is about and then they can keep it if they like it.


If they decide to keep it, maybe they can quit that job that has drained them and sucked the life out of them. Maybe they can use everything that Talk Fusion has and start up their own business, set their own hours, work in their PJ’s, and be completely comfortable all of the time without anything blocking them.


Bob Reina is happy to give back

Bob Reina is one of the most influential names in the business world. He has dedicated his life to improving business communications. He founded Talk Fusion in 2007, and the company has made a major impact on the business communications industry. They have introduced numerous products into the marketplace, including video chat and video e-mail and these products have changed the way people communicate. Talk Fusion helps people communicate and they are dedicated to helping people. Bob wants to change futures, help people realize their dreams, and they like giving back to communities throughout the world. Read this article at epodcastnetwork.com about Bob Reina.


Reina has one saying that he keeps going back to on a daily basis, “With great success comes great responsibility”. They are always looking to help more people, and a large part of this mission is their charitable giving.


Bob loves to lead by example, and he gives a great deal to charity. Recently, he made a record-breaking $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He has also personally intervened to rescue several animals. Bob considers himself an animal lover, but he is also a lover of humanity. Bob has given generously to an orphanage in Indonesia and to other great causes around the world. Bob loves giving to charities, but he also loves using his company to change the world.


Recently, Bob Reina announced a new program for Talk Fusion. This new program allows every Talk Fusion Associate to donate a free account to the charity of their choice. This account will include every feature that Talk Fusion is known for including video chat, video e-mail, video newsletters, and other powerful features. This suite of features is sure to help charities reach the next level.


Talk Fusion is an incredibly influential company. They are constantly breaking sales records and receiving new awards. Bob Reina is proud to head up the company and he is proud to give back to the world. He looks forward to giving back to the world for years to come.