Mark Hutchinson Defines Wild Ark’s Biodiversity Mission Forward

Both Mark Hutchinson and his Wild Ark are unique and special when it comes to biodiversity and protecting the green cover around the Earth. Hutchinson, a passionate advocate of world’s wilderness from Australia, does not think of a life without connecting to the ecosystem. His deep passion for the planet and its creatures encouraged him to found Wild Ark in 2016. It is a conservation organization working on protecting the biodiversity and prompting people to connect with nature. Hutchinson explains that goal of Wild Ark is to buy, protect, and recreate the diversity as much as possible along with generating sustainable business for protecting the ecosystem for the continuance. He thinks that people have lost connection with nature, and it is important to go back and at least plant a tree in the backyard to connect with nature. Learn more:



With a notion to have a great connection with nature, Hutchinson chose to raise his family between urban area and wild. He also has a great relationship with the ocean and goes for surfing or swimming on a daily basis when he is in Sydney. Hutchinson takes his little daughters for a bush walk on most afternoons and spot birds, enjoy their calls, and more. He also makes regular trips to North America and Africa in search of nature and most of the other times, Hutchinson loves to spend in pretty wild areas. Mark admits that the DNA of connecting to nature is part of his family. His wife, Sophie, is fully involved in the missions of Wild Ark, and all of his kids are greatly interested in collaborating with the works of the organization. He says that his life is encircled by the bush. Learn more:



Apart from being the founder of Wild Ark, Hutchinson is also the Director and part-owner of EcoTraining, an organization that gives various wildlife courses to create guardians and guides for the natural world. Mark showed his love to nature from his childhood, and he traveled the length of Africa in a car. He completed his bachelors in Economics from the University of Sydney and secured his MBA from NSEAD Business School. Currently, Mark is pursuing master’s in Conservation Biology from Macquarie University. Learn more: