Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water brings hydration to a new level!

Everybody has their own unique taste, whether that be a taste in fashion, or more literally an actual opinion in taste. Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is one of the most unique tasting waters that has been sky rocketing in popularity and sales since the company originated in 2012.

One of the things that make Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water a more reccomended choice, apart from the exclusive originality that they offer, is what they do for the world in return. Waiākea donates 650 liters of clean water for every liter that is bought, to less fortunate communities in rural Africa through an organization called Pump Aid.

One might ask if Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water actually comes from a valcano. The answer to that question is yes. The water is from the snowmelt and rain on the famous Big Island’s Mauna Loa volcano, located in Hawaii. Unique filtering by the thousand feet of porous volcanic rock creates one of the highest quality, pure and delicious alkaline water. This natural filtering system provides the most electrolyte-rich natural waters in the world.

The Waiākea company focuses on providing healthy water for everyone to enjoy. This company was founded upon a list of golden rules that would help them become prosperous: the first rule is to be focused on how their product is to your health, the second rule is to remain sustainable with their products and the final golden rule is to give back to the world and support charities.

On October 27th, 2015 the Globe Newswire did an article about Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Waters success. In this article, they said that within this past year, this exclusive bottled water company has distributed their unique blend of bottled water to approximately 2,000 stores in 30 states!

This unique product is currently available in premium chains around the country, including Whole Foods and Wawa. Their product, catching everyone’s attention, is starting to be sold internationally as well.

According to Gust, they have had a 5,000 percent growth since the company started. Ryan Emmons, the beloved founder of the Waiakea water company, said that they’ve gone from selling a couple of thousand cases of this divine water to selling more than 100 000 cases!

Furthermore, with their efforts in full-swing they have the additional well-being in the knowledge that half a billion liters of clean drinking water have been delivered – through charitable acts – to those that need it most, in many different African communities.

To celebrate their huge success and meet their growing supply and demand requirements, Waiakea spring is launching a brand new manufacturing facility that will be located in Hawaii.

The Waiakea Water company is now valued at over 10 million dollars. One of the assets, besides its outstanding background that helps it grow exponentially is how good it is for you. This specific water is replenished with mineral and electrolytes, two common things that make people overall feel better.

This unique blend of water is acquired from one of the most sacred and serene places on earth. If that wasn’t enough to win you over, they also pack and deliver their top-notch water in plastic water bottles that are entirely compatible with international recycling programs – which means that, with your help, Waiākea water can further help with their mission of delivering a sustainable product to the masses.