Doe Deere

Doe Deere, The Creator of Lime Crime


Doe Deere started her own makeup company called, “Lime Crime” in 2008, and has been successful since. But before the success of this company, she started her own fashion line called “Lime Crime.” She loved fashion, but once she started creating he own makeup, she never looked back. Once she started her makeup company, she found her true passion and pursued it with happiness in doing what she loves.


She always loved design and fantasies, so she mixed the two and came out with a fun unicorn themed makeup company. Lime Crime is a very unique business with bold and fun colored products. It features several products such as; eye shadow, makeup brushes with unicorn colors, loose pigments, different shades of colored lipstick, highlighter, glittery lip gloss, and more. Lime Crime also came out with their own semi permanent hair dye with several different unique shades to choose from. They have pink, blue, green, orange, yellow, gray, and more!


Doe was born in Russia, but moved to New York to purse fashion and designing. She now lives in Los Angeles, California where she pursues her dream of her fantasy makeup line every day. She is always coming up with new products that her customers will love just as much as she does. She tries out all of her products before even marketing them, and if she wouldn’t wear them, she won’t market them.


She started promoting her makeup in 2008. She created a blog and posted makeup tutorials in them, which gained her many loyal fans. Then on 2009, she started profiting from her makeup and the rest became history. Now, Lime Crime has over three million followers in Instagram, and the business is only increasing. Shortly after the launch of her business, many other company’s tried to mimic the all online makeup line idea. Learn more:


Her products are all fun and animal cruelty free and vegan! Doe dares to try anything new, and in the future she plans on creating more fun products full of her favorite fairytales and fantasies. She plans on adding more to her fantasy filled makeup line in the near future!

Glen Wakeman: The Financialist Behind LaunchPad Holdings

When it comes to the world of financial advisory, Glen Wakeman is a well-known name. He is the founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings. He has an incredibly extensive experience in the field owing to the two decades that he has spent working with different firms and clients. He is a graduate of the University of Scranton where he gained his degree in economics and finance. He then went on to attain an MBA to supplement his business skills from the University of Chicago. Since the start of his career, Glen Wakeman has worked for some of the most well-known names in the industry. He has worked extremely hard to get to where he is, climbing up the ranks to reach the high esteemed post that he holds today.


Glen Wakeman started out his career working for a company known as GE Capital. In the twenty years that he has been in the business, he has switched companies numerous times, each time contributing and learning from the time that he spends there. He worked his way up the rung to ultimately become the CEO of the firm ( He was an excellent leader to the firm and brought along numerous positive changes that impacted the company immensely.

Glen Wakeman is also a businessman and entrepreneur who knows that it takes to establish a successful business. Having spent so many years at it, his next goal is to be able to provide entrepreneurs and young companies with the tools that they would need to be able to put out a good product and make their mark in the business. Using his own past experiences as a teaching tool, Glen Wakeman has transformed companies that were on the brink of failing to something that is extremely well known in the sector. When a client comes to his business, he makes sure that he analyses all the aspects of their business and then provides them with a good plan of action which they could adhere to (ReporterExpert).

Doe Deere, The Magical Cosmetic Maker!!

Doe Deere is the current CEO and the founder of a famous cosmetics company known as Lime Crime. Doe believes that cosmetics are not just to conceal imperfections but are a way for someone to enjoy their freedom and expressions. Doe Deere believes that beauty is not only which is natural, but beauty is also something that feels right at the specific moment. Doe has introduced different types of cruelty-free cosmetics with different magical colors.

Doe is someone who started out really small but ended up being a successful business person in the world of cosmetics. Doe is one of the top 10 businesswomen and an entrepreneur. Instagram has helped Doe boost her career as well because she showed the world what she could do with her great ideas and everyone has always admired her work.

In 2004, Doe registered an account on eBay with the username, LimeCrime. Doe was her own model for her new business. Doe wanted her makeup to look brighter than anyone else which was really close to being illegal. It was really hard for her to make exact colors to have a bright contrast but she managed to everything and achieved her life goal.

Doe is attracted to inspirations just like a magnet. Inspiring people interfere with her life and gives her different ideas to develop a new product. The products which are still in testing are tested by Doe herself to ensure that the product is valid for her company and all of her customers worldwide because she does not want a bad reputation in this business.

Doe has a clear picture of her customer in her mind. This helps her to make good decisions with confidence because she does not think like a business owner to make money from her product, she thinks of herself as a customer to assume what would she want. This helps her many times when she can’t think of a great idea. Doe has worked in a lot of small companies to complete her needs, but now she just controls her company and her employees.

Doe tells everyone that she wouldn’t be successful if she had not respected and shown love and care to her employees. She believes her employees have made her company reach a new level and she could not have done it without them. Doe Deere and her husband met each other when they were both in a rock band together in the past. Her husband has not only been an inspiration for Doe but has also helped her fulfill her dreams and has supported her in every decision and is the current President of LimeCrime.

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The Career Opportunities from Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos, the current secretary of education, has had a long career in the field of education. She has not been an actual educator but she has done many things to change the way that education works and to make things better for people who need to get some type of education no matter what their economic situation is. Since Betsy DeVos has been working in education for such a long time, it makes her the perfect fit for the Secretary of Education position. It also allows her the chance to see that there is a lot more to education than just figuring out what kind of material students need to learn. She has the experience that is required for her to be able to learn more and to do more with the options that she has. It also gives her the chance to see the way that children are able to get different things out of the educational system.

When Betsy DeVos first started the position that she was previously in, she knew that it was going to be important for her to make sure that she was teaching people the right things that they needed to know about education. She wanted them to be able to recognize that there were major flaws with the system and something needed to be done to make life better for the children that the educational system was supposed to be helping. It was a major problem but was something that DeVos knew would be able to be solved. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

She lobbied to get the rights of children put before anything else. This gave her a chance to see that children were not getting what they could out of different situations and to also recognize that their needs were not being met from the educational opportunities that they had. She wanted to see the availability of high-quality education for every student in the United States. It was something that she saw as somewhat of a necessity to the changes that were going to be made and to the opportunities that people would have with their education.

While she was doing all of this, she was also coming up with ideas to make things better. For example, she implemented a voucher program that allowed children to go to different schools if they wanted to. She did this along with charter schools and came up with the plans to show people what they would be able to help their children with if they took advantage of the programs. It was something that she felt strongly about and something that she was very comfortable with while she was in different situations with both her charity and philanthropic efforts. Read more news on

How Did Doe Deere Grow Such A Large Cosmetics Firm?

Doe Deere is the CEO at Lime Crime where she has built a large cosmetics brand that sells to women online while avoiding the makeup counter. This article explains how the market for makeup is changing, and it explains how Doe has been able to build her brand using new techniques and market wisdom. Everyone who is accustomed to a certain type of makeup must look to Lime Crime for new ideas in business.

#1: She Remains Creative

Doe has been the creative force behind Lime Crime for some time now, and she remains creative while meeting with her staff often about new ideas and products. She wishes to see their ideas come to life, and she will begin new project every time someone has a nice idea. She does not want to stifle anyone, and she only wants to see the company grow in its purpose.

#2: Serving Alternative Women

Alternative women who wear bright colors are often not able to find the products they want, and it is quite important that everyone who is shopping for cosmetics has looked over the bright colors and hair dyes that are offered by the company. They are built to outfit a woman like Doe, and she still models her products because she wishes to be consistent in that aspect of her business.

#3: Modeling The Brand

Modeling is an important aspect of what Doe does every day for her business, and she is changing colors and styles every day to teach women how they may dress using her brand. The brand that was created at Lime Crime is quite helpful in that it shows women a simple way to make the most of their look. They may wear her bright colors, and they will see something in her advertisements that may inspire them. She keeps an Instagram account for the same reason, and it helps women who need assistance with their hair or makeup.

The simplest way for a woman to look her best is choosing a preferred makeup brand. Doe Deere has built Lime Crime into one of the best in the industry, and it is growing every year as she creates a new way for all women to look their best. Women who are using Lime Crime may choose bright colors, and they will stand out from the crowd because of the makeup or hair dye they have chosen.

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The Amazing Journey of Julie Zuckerberg in Recruitment Sector

Julie Zuckerberg is considered as one of the most successful female recruitment specialists from New York. She is currently leading the senior level recruitment process of Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients, Asset Management, as well as GTO of Deutsche Bank as its Executive Talent Acquisition Lead. Working in such a position is a true testament of her professional excellence. In addition, she also had a decorated career as talent acquisition expert and led in different organizations from different sectors including but not limiting to insurance, legal and consumer market.

Julie has a graduation degree in Psychology from City University of New York-Brooklyn College, and she also pursued a degree in Law at New York Law School. Her impressive career in talent acquisition started at Hudson as Director of Candidate Placement in 2002. In this position, Julie was responsible for recruiting attorneys, support staff, and paralegal as well as other candidates with a legal background. During this time, she also provided career counseling to the new recruits and acted as a link between the staff and employers to manage any work-related conflicts. She worked at Hudson for five years and then got employment as Executive Recruiter in Citi Global Functions in 2007. This was a bigger role for Julie where she managed full recruitment process for senior level vacancies with legal backgrounds. During this time, she was responsible for recruiting senior candidates with Legal, Compliance, and Audit experience. She also took a leading and innovative role in deploying modern recruitment strategies for this company that included but didn’t limited to referrals, social media as well as direct sourcing. For her excellent, performance, she was then appointed as the Vice President & Executive Recruiter at Citi Global Consumer Bank in 2011. In this position, she was responsible for managing senior level recruitment tasks and started to work pro-actively with the hiring managers. She was also responsible for developing and managing negotiation process and manage the sourcing firms while managing recruitment process on a global scale till 2013.

In late 2013, Julie tried her career in the Insurance sector by accepting the offer of Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead & Corporate Vice President position at New York Life Insurance Company. In this position, she was responsible for managing recruitment process outsourcing and client relationship for all experienced hire positions. After working here for a small period, Julie came back to the banking sector as the Vice President, Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition at Deutsche Bank in 2014. In that position, she complex recruitment and negotiation issues, partnered with senior managers and managed recruitment firms. For her excellent performance, she was quickly appointed as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead in this bank in 2015. Right now she manages full recruitment process for its important functions including Private, Wealth and Commercial clients. She is also responsible for managing a big recruitment team and providing them with strategic guidance and coaching.

Julie Zuckerberg has a keen interest in Arts, Science, Animals, Civil and Human Rights as well as Economic Welfare. She is also involved with a number of social and voluntary causes.

The Accomplishments of one of the World’s top Businesswomen, Malini Saba.

Malini Saba is a well-established businessperson who is based in the United States and is recognized for her many accomplishments. She does not only venture into business undertakings, but also various philanthropic activities that support the progress of women across the world. Malini used a different approach to be successful in her endeavors. This has changed how people in the U.S and the rest of the world perceive entrepreneurship, and therefore, she is considered as a role model for many individuals. Saba’s parents lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and they earned an average income. The first investments that she made were international, but she had to deal with various corrupt people who did not want her to prosper. The battle with this people wasted a lot of her time, and she also lost money.


The many glitches that Saba faced while trying to set up her ventures did not make her lose hope of being successful. She started other enterprises with help from her business associates and even though there we a few setbacks, she managed to prosper. Saba has sufficient knowledge in finance since she had specialized in the field when she was in college, and therefore, she started an investment company, which is known as Saban. Malini currently owns large resource enterprises through the firm and the primary fields that she has capitalized in are rice plantations, technology, energy, and real estate.


Since the 90s, Malini has been venturing in startup businesses that have a high potential. All the companies where she acquired shares have been successful, and they have excellent returns. The firms include PayPal, Sycamore Networks, Silicon Valley, and Netscreen Technologies.


The charity work of Malini Saba is spread to various regions of the planet. She owns an organization, which is known as the Stree: Global Investments in Women, and it is devoted to enhancing the living condition of women who are not financially stable. It empowers them to be able to support themselves and to live better lives that they deserve. Saba has been offering support to individuals who are affected by tsunamis and promised to give $10 million to help them. She also contributed $1 million to help in the construction of a hospital.