Doe Deere, The Magical Cosmetic Maker!!

Doe Deere is the current CEO and the founder of a famous cosmetics company known as Lime Crime. Doe believes that cosmetics are not just to conceal imperfections but are a way for someone to enjoy their freedom and expressions. Doe Deere believes that beauty is not only which is natural, but beauty is also something that feels right at the specific moment. Doe has introduced different types of cruelty-free cosmetics with different magical colors.

Doe is someone who started out really small but ended up being a successful business person in the world of cosmetics. Doe is one of the top 10 businesswomen and an entrepreneur. Instagram has helped Doe boost her career as well because she showed the world what she could do with her great ideas and everyone has always admired her work.

In 2004, Doe registered an account on eBay with the username, LimeCrime. Doe was her own model for her new business. Doe wanted her makeup to look brighter than anyone else which was really close to being illegal. It was really hard for her to make exact colors to have a bright contrast but she managed to everything and achieved her life goal.

Doe is attracted to inspirations just like a magnet. Inspiring people interfere with her life and gives her different ideas to develop a new product. The products which are still in testing are tested by Doe herself to ensure that the product is valid for her company and all of her customers worldwide because she does not want a bad reputation in this business.

Doe has a clear picture of her customer in her mind. This helps her to make good decisions with confidence because she does not think like a business owner to make money from her product, she thinks of herself as a customer to assume what would she want. This helps her many times when she can’t think of a great idea. Doe has worked in a lot of small companies to complete her needs, but now she just controls her company and her employees.

Doe tells everyone that she wouldn’t be successful if she had not respected and shown love and care to her employees. She believes her employees have made her company reach a new level and she could not have done it without them. Doe Deere and her husband met each other when they were both in a rock band together in the past. Her husband has not only been an inspiration for Doe but has also helped her fulfill her dreams and has supported her in every decision and is the current President of LimeCrime.

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