Gino Pozzo and the football business

Gino Pozzo is not your regular guy; he has mastered the art of turning coal into gold. His love for football is unmatched and has gained much reputation for helping upgrade low-division football clubs to notable household names in the top tier leagues. He is the owner of England’s Watford Football Club.

Gino Pozzo spent most of his childhood in Udine, Italy where his parents, Gianpaolo and Guiliana Pozzo, lived. Early in life, Gino was introduced to former presidents of Calcio football club, and this ignited his passion for football. He has gone from being just a fan to an investor and entrepreneur on matters football.

Gino moved to the United States when he was 18. Here, he attended his University and earned his Master’s from Harvard University. He later went ahead and married before relocating to Spain where he spent about 20 years in Barcelona. When he acquired a new football club in 2013, Gino moved to London to help better manage the club.

The Pozzo family has been known to be a lineage of football enthusiasts. Their passion for football has seen them make great strides in the business. This started off when his father toiled by making various tools just to save enough money to buy a Udinese club.

However, the Pozzo family does not depend on football business entirely. It has diversified into other forms of business. For instance, they operate an electrical appliances business in Spain. In addition, they have ventured into fiancé and property mergers.

In 2008, however, the family decided to sell their woodworking business and invest more in football clubs. As much as they do not believe that football is their major activity in terms of business, they still do it for the love of the game, and this is not about to stop any time soon.