I Was Hacked – How Rubica Keeps Foes on Their Toes!

Imagine waking up one morning to a notification that could potentially change your life.I didn’t have to imagine.I was another victim of the May 2017 WannaCry assault. I was hacked and afraid of sensitive information getting leaked.150 countries had to suffer losses.


This is why Obama and Trump directed their immediate attention to the strengthening of cyber defenses.


Thankfully, my husband had added me to his Rubica account which basically granted me maximum coverage against cyber bullies.Rubica is a behind-the-scenes, full-service personal cyber security company operated by an entourage of cyber geniuses. I was hacked, but the team was able to intercept my intruder’s attack before he could do any real damage.I didn’t have to worry about my privacy being invaded because I knew my rescuers would use the web traffic flow on my device to pick up on strange activity and block it, not pry. By creating patterns, Rubica keeps their database updated.After joining their stronghold, I was under 24/7 protection everywhere.


Yes, I was hacked but having a strong ally, who has worked with the NSA and the US Navy, on my side saved me.It is estimated that the cyber crime cost will reach a whopping $101 billion in 2018.Are you prepared?