Madison County Courier Is Available To Locate Cheap Attorneys

There are many individuals in New York who are wrapped up in different legal issues. It would be wise for these individuals to obtain legal counsel for their situation. Surveys show that the number one reason why people do not get a lawyer for a legal issue is due to the cost. Even the cheapest attorney known in New York is too expensive for an average individual within the New York area.


This is where the Madison County Courier comes in. This online service is suitable for people, with little or no money, who need a lawyer. The only thing a person needs to use this service is the Internet. There are no charges whatsoever. The person using the online service will need to enter basic information regarding their situation. This information would include the type of case, a written summary, in simple words, of the case, and the amount of money available for a lawyer.


By entering the proper information into the database, the individual will receive a list of attorneys available at that moment. This list will start with attorneys who do not charge anything until the case is won up to attorneys who charge extremely low fees. Any attorney listed on the Madison County Courier database is high ranking with minimal or no bad reviews.


Attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein did all he could to get this program put in place. Attorney Goldstein observed firsthand how attorneys overcharge their clients. This caused Attorney Goldstein to leave the major firm he was working for and start his own firm.


In the midst of representing some of the biggest companies in New York, Attorney Goldstein had an everyday urge to help the people within his community. After numerous meetings with the New York Bar Association, the Madison County Courier online service was born.


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