NexBank: Taking the Banking Sector to the Next Level

There are many players in the finance industry in the United States. In this article, we are going to explore the background and some recent developments at a Texas-based financial institution called NexBank Capital. It has three portfolios including commercial, mortgage, and institutional banking. Some recent statistics have placed the bank at the 10th position in Texas in terms of its size. It has been in operation since 1934 in various parts of the country.

In late 2018, the number of employees at the institution stood at 89. The increase has been in response to the increased demand for its services. One of the indicators that NexBank is a successful firm is its money market rates which are five times higher than some of the other banks. Its health is placed in category B. Its leadership has played a key role in its growth as it comprises of a team of experienced professionals. It’s headed by James Dondero as the chairman, reports

The businessman has served in many senior positions at different firms including Highland Capital Management. Good customer service is one of its core values. As a result, the customer base has been expanding over the years. It has been recognized for its innovativeness in developing various products. It has an online banking service that allows the clients to access their accounts at any time of the day. The system ensures the safety of the customers’ information and money.

NexBank offers a wide variety of products that are suited for the individual needs of customers. The banking experts at the institution analyze the clients’ financial position to develop personalized strategies to increase their wealth in the long run. The bank partners with different firms to provide warehouse lending services to enable the clients to grow their businesses. The experts at the company conduct market analysis regularly to come up with products suited for the prevailing economic conditions.

In late 2017, NexBank Capital finalized the placement of some of its notes to some clients who included institutions. The initiative was meant to acquire funds to finance its various corporate expenses. By 2016, about $283 million had been raised and included debt and equity. The issued notes were expected to mature in late 2027 and the investors would enjoy a fixed interest rate of 6.375% for five years. After that period, a floating rate would be applied. The issuance was in accordance with relevant regulations.