The History And Purpose Of The American Institute Of Architects

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is an organization in the United States that instills professionalism among architects and architecture students. The AIA was founded in 1857 with the aim of promoting practical and scientific perfection, among its members and enhance the global reputation of the profession. As an NGO, it creates a platform for government support and recommendation and provides public education on matters related to the architecture profession. In conjunction with other bodies and members, it assists in the construction industry coordination


In 1857, 13 architects joined up to establish the AIA with Richard Upjohn as the president. The members drafted bylaws and a constitution that was signed on the 15th of April that same year and later amended the year that followed. Currently, the AIA headquarter is based at 1735New YORK Avenue, NW in Washington, DC.


Membership has been granted to at least 90,000 authorized architects and professional affiliates. There are rules and regulations set to govern the professional behavior of all its members, with the aim of improving confidence from the stakeholders such as; the public, colleagues and the clients that the organization offers quality services.

Public Education

In the interest of the architects and the public, the AIA conducts public forums and awareness programs to show the value of good design and architecture. Also, it performs surveys and poll, that asks the public to suggest their favorite architectural plans and works, and even awards its members for outstanding performance and achievements.


The AIA has over 200 staff working full-time and is managed by a Board of Directors. It has over 300 local branches within the states and components throughout Europe Japan and the UK.


As an affiliated organization, AIA members impacts on government actions and practices that have an effect on the profession and the livelihood of the general public. AIA together with local authorities and legislators work to improve the designs and of infrastructure, housing and public spaces while trying to recover affordability to all Americans.


Members of AIA benefit immensely as the institute offers development opportunities, design information, resources and personal enrichment services.

In conclusion, we can say that AIA is an organization that was founded long ago and it has been able to withstand the test of time due to many reasons such as; proper management, providing guiding principles to the staff so that they offer high-quality professional services to the public. Members of the organization maintain a high profile in the society since their profession has gained recognition and confidence of the people.

The Principles of Success with Vijay Eswaran

Multi level marketing has been Vijay Eswaran’s ticket to the big league. He has spent years understanding the need for an education and to work tirelessly. The idea of quitting is beyond him, he simply doesn’t believe in it.

Vijay has managed to tell his story time and time again and help others to see that the goal is there they just have to keep going. His basic need to function with his team as honestly as possible has made Vijay himself a commodity that people want to invest in and not so much the product. They know that whatever Vijay is involved in it is something he believes in passionately.

Vijay Eswaran believes that we are not promised our time here and he wants to use that time to make a difference in all he does. By giving of his time and knowledge he knows that this is something that will help others.

In this way he has started his own foundation where through his various contributions are solidifying opportunities in education, arts, and the environment in the future. He is excited about his work with the building of a school where students will live on 26 acres and have the ability to learn and grow to be the hope of the future.

As the founder and executive chairman of the QI Group, he continues to take this multimillion dollar conglamdrate to new heights. From the legendary teachings of Gandhi the QI Group was founded on the principles of service, care and integrity. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

With regional offices throughout Asia, the QI Group is proud of their presence in over 30 countries. They offer people opportunities within direct selling, training and education, and property management and management to name a few. Investing in it’s people is what the QI Group believes is their biggest asset.

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How Robert Ivy Is Transforming The Architectural Industry

Robert Ivy is an architect, author, and the current Chief Executive Officer and the acting Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).


Robert Ivy is a proud holder of a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Masters of Architecture from Sewanee: The University of the South and the Tulane University respectively.


Robert Ivy began his career in 1981 as a principal at the Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy up until the year 1996. After leaving Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy, he joined Architectural Record publishing group where he acted as the Editor-in-Chief. Under his stewardship, Architectural Record grew from a mere publishing company to become one of the most read and critiqued architectural journal. After he left Architectural Record, he joined the McGraw-Hill Construction Media as the acting vice president and the editorial director. He later joined AIA, a position he still holds to date.

AIA and Robert

AIA is a dynamic network which brings together over 90,000 design professionals and architects who are committed to enhancing that buildings inhabited by citizens and business entities are safe and commendable. Robert has been at the helm of AIA since the year 2011. His rich diversity and unmatched experience have helped him transform the organization into one of the leading architecture-oriented institutions in the world. Apart from managing AIA, Robert Ivy is an architect by profession, a career that has helped him to strengthen the association and assist its members in serving their clients in a preferred manner.

Apart from being an author and architect, Robert is also a public speaker, and he has been spotted in various seminars that involve architectural designs and construction.

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Achievements and Awards

Thanks to his wide array of experience in the architectural field, Robert has been able to streamline the governance of AIA in a move that has seen an improvement in decision-making, the launching of an award-winning campaign, and building of new digital-oriented infrastructure.

As an author for the Architectural Record, Robert has earned himself numerous awards which include the American Society of Magazine Editors, MPA Digital Award for Website of the Year, the premier magazine journalism award, and the Jesse H. Neal Awards. In the year 1998, Robert was awarded the McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. Later in 2009, he earned himself the Crain Award.

Robert is a Master Architect, a designation he proudly shares with some of the most iconic and decorated architects such as Mies van der Rohe, I.M. Pei, and Richard Buckminster Fuller. He also brags as being one of the few architects to ever receive the honor, and the only in the 21st century.

Why Officers Have Become Dependent on Securus Technologies

Each day I leave my house and kiss my family goodbye as I head to my job as a corrections officer in the local jail, and I wonder if I will be coming home that night. The inmates in our jail are more violent than ever, and overcrowding in the jail makes for even hotter tempers against authority. Me and my fellow corrections officers have to work tirelessly to ensure that we are able to come home to our families each day.


In order to keep the peace inside the prison, we make use of many resources that make our jobs more efficient. In the visitor center, we use the scanners to check that guests and inmates are not in possession of drugs or weapons. While we can not see the interactions between every inmate and guest, the scanners ensure that anything transferred between the two is brought to our attention.


We used to have to spend countless hours each day listening in on the inmates while they use the phones. We now have another resource by way of Securus Technologies, that allows us to focus our efforts on the inmates, while the software searches for conversations about anything from fighting, drugs, or weapons. With less officers on the phone, we can be in other places that need our focus.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, and the CEO, Richard Smith, says his company is committed to making this world safe for each of us. To that end, the LBS software scans all the phone calls that the inmates are making and will instantly alert us to areas of concern. Now we can identify who is bringing drugs into the jail visitor center, which inmates might be using or selling drugs, and what weapons are being hidden inside the yard to use against other inmates or officers.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Say Trump Is Heartless To End DACA

The ending of the DACA program is heartless, says Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, founders of the Frontera Fund.

In upholding his campaign promise, President Trump ended the DACA program that protects hundreds of thousands of young immigrants who grew up in the United States. An unwise decision that especially will hurt the country, says Larkin and Lacey.

Just days before his decision, President Trump had told news sources that “I have a big heart, so dreamers should not be too worried,” so this about face came as a bit of a shock.

Trump could have listened to the advice of business and political leaders of both parties. They had insisted not to stop Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) because the country benefits economically from the program.

The DACA program guarantees a right to remain in the US for young people whose parents are illegal and brought their kids to the US. It ensures that they can be official members of society in the only place they call home.

More than 800,000 dreamers are not at risk of deportation, unless Congress finds a solution. President Obama enacted the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in June 2012. Read more; Michael Lacey | Twitter

As of March, 2017, US Citizenship and Immigration Services say the United States has about 800,000 registered DACA residents. According to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, advocates of immigration like the Frontera Fund will continue to protests for the rights of dreamers. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael:

The DACA program is set to expire on March 5, the 2018. Until then, President Trump has handed the issue over to Congress, telling them to find a solution.

According to Lacey and Larkin, this move is just a way for Trump to keep his campaign promise while placing the issue in the laps of others. New applications for the program are no longer being accepted, but up until October 5, 2018, current dreamers are able to extend their two-year work permit.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin both say this program has a positive impact on the hundreds of thousands who came into the US as children of illegal immigrants, but also to the US economy. Larkin and Lacey also express concern about a significant increase of upcoming arrests and deportations.

Established in 2014, the Frontera Fund helps to promote equality and justice for immigrants. Founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are dedicated to exposing injustice and advocating to support the rights of migrants, and immigrants.

Amicus Therapeutics Is Redefining Healthcare

Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that was founded in 2002 and is based in Cranbury, New Jersey. It is at the forefront of treating rare and dangerous orphan diseases through advanced therapies and offers a spread of possible treatments for many different human genetic diseases. Their top product, which is a personalized medicine named migalastat is in the last stages of development and is aimed to treat people with Fabry disease. SD-101 is another product in the later stages of development, which is designed to be therapeutic for people who suffer from the rare genetic connective tissue disorder known as Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).


An Advocate For Patients


Amicus Therapeutics also advocates for patients by collaborating with individual patients, patient organizations, healthcare practitioners, and caregivers. Acting as a middleman between patients, their families, and the resources they need, Amicus believes in creating initiatives that help with the suffering that rare conditions can cause. Their commitment to the people they help treat and the families that care for them is huge, and their dedication and passion for healing people in need shines through everything they do (GoogleFinance). By searching for better therapies that can people and learning from individual cases the company is changing the way that biopharmaceutical companies see people.


Integrity and Ethics


Amicus Therapeutics is proud of its work ethic and integrity, and CEO John F. Crowley has made statements that ensure the public that his company approaches to medicine and the decisions they make as if they or a close family member was suffering from the disease or condition in question ( This particular fact sets them apart from all of the other biopharmaceutical companies in existence because many of them are focused on how much money they can make rather than how many people they can help. In a show of confidence and faith in the company, The Michael J. Fox Foundation donated $500,000, in 2010, to support studies that were being done by Amicus and the company also received a $210,000 grant from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation.


While based in New Jersey, Amicus Therapeutics has offices around the world including locations in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, and the Netherlands.


Osteoarthritis is a Painful Condition Treated at ORI in Denver

Osteoarthritis is a painful degenerative disease affecting the tissues and joints in the body. It is the most commonly diagnosed type of arthritis, although more than 100 different types exist. Osteoarthritis affects women more than men, though both genders are at risk, especially as they age. Despite no cure for osteoarthritis, patients suffering from the condition can find relief from the pain through various treatment options.


Osteo Relief Institute provides hope and relief for osteoarthritis patients. At the ORI, many state-of-the art treatment options help patients alleviate some of the pain they experience (AskReporter). In turn, patients can maximize their enjoyment of life without succumbing to the pain.


Osteo Relief Institute is located in Denver, Colorado. The center has the perfect mountainous backdrop that provides patients peace of mind and comfort during their visit. The center treats patients in the local area, as well as in Fountain, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Lakewood, and even as far as Trinidad. With caring specialists who aim to help improve your life, it is worth the short drive to the ORI.


If you’ve yet to receive an osteoarthritis diagnosis but suspect this condition is causing your pain, the professionals at Osteo Relief Institute will provide examinations and make the right diagnosis so treatment can begin. Most people who suspect they’re suffering from osteoarthritis are correct in their assumptions, but the ORI doctors can do more than assume. Signs that indicate osteoarthritis include pain and swelling, especially when getting out of bed in the morning; joint stiffness; bone spurs; loss of flexibility; and inflammation.


Without proper treatment for osteoarthritis, joint replacement surgery might become necessary. Patients who delay treatment are at greater risk for this surgery ( The sooner you make an appointment with ORI, the sooner you can begin alleviating the pain, further reducing the possibility that you will need a joint replacement surgery to assist you.


Eli Gershkovitch: A Great Entreprenuer

Drinking beer in Canada is one of the most popular pastimes for people worldwide. Most people head to bars to enjoy a couple of beers and mix socially with other people, and some will opt to drink beer with dinner or while visiting with friends. But, what do you do when you need to mingle with friends who drink, and you don’t wish to drink any alcoholic beverage? Well, you could opt for an alcohol-free beer.

Eli Gershkovitch beer

This will be the ideal option to drinking the regular beer. This is safe for everyone and highly recommended for all designated drivers. Many times you need to take medicine which interacts with alcoholic beverages, but you still would like to have fun with your friends.


In Canada, the biggest stumbling block is the beer retail industry. One major chain of stores can control the beer market. But with the current technology and leadership, things are getting better. This is done by having good people running breweries and turning this out.



One such leader is Eli Gershkovitch, who the CEO and the founder Steamworks, which is a Group of many Companies. He is known as a top stakeholder of the Open Beer Championship. Canadian craft beer is on the map because of Gershkovitch. He used to cook up original and traditional brews in the old Gastown. Back then, craft beer was rock science to most people. And nobody thought about it. Today’s taverns have many young people who hip for millennials, and they are forever searching for the new brew. Back in the 90s, this was not the case. Companies like Budweiser and Coors were the carriers of the day, and they produced beer more than exotic even the current Guinness.


At that time, craft beer was taking its shape gradually other places of the world, and that is Eli Gershkovitch noticed. He traveled to Europe and noted the changing shape of land as it pertained to drinking beer. He visited his first microbrewery in Heidelberg, and he picked some samples of concoctions that were testing differently from familiar flavors found and made from the draft in Canada. Though he did not leave his legal goal in favor of brewing, he did not forget about that experience in Europe. That is what made him who he is.

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Using Huge Data From Edisoft To Enhance Supply Chain Performance

While assessing open doors for supply chain execution, best practice KPI’s presently concentrate on measurements crosswise over capacities and exchanging accomplices instead of barely concentrating on the enforcement of the segregated operations of a specific bearer. The normal process duration of a worldwide shipment is 21 days with six days of changeability. This stands out from household shipments where the normal process duration is four days with one day of changeability. With global shipments requiring the association of numerous more exchanging accomplices than residential shipments, it is anything but difficult to perceive the expanded cause for inconstancy.


Rather than the carrier performance, our clients measure the execution of the end-to-end supply chain. The assessed data set traverses the business processes over the numerous legs (and modes) of a global shipment, the different parties in addition to the financial, compliance and logistics capacities. Best-in-class KPI illustrations incorporate assessing the landed cost at a detail level by tradelane, assessing the execution of a transloader by how precisely their detail information mirrors the goods being received at free trade zone or the way timely the data is delivered for customs filings and document creation.


With a specific objective to get the proper conclusions from enormous information, the data from all gatherings must be exact, convenient, and complete. It should likewise synchronize the heterogeneous types of information relating to time zones and locations. At a more mind boggling level, the information should likewise have the capacity to record the end-to-end supply chain starting with sourcing and consummation with the income acknowledgment of the completed products conveyance.


Edisoft was established in 1995 with the vision of giving unparalleled EDI services that would empower small and medium-sized organizations to associate and do business effectively with their trading accomplices. Edisoft set out to build up an item that would coordinate full-included EDI usefulness specifically into ERP software systems and major accounting.


Edisoft gathered a world group of EDI and software specialists in its Toronto offices where it embarked on intensive R&D program. The outcome was the Edisoft Merchant suite products suite, a total EDI arrangement designed to work flawlessly with the local databases of the most prominent accounting frameworks (YouTube). Edisoft is a global programming organization serving customers and accomplices worldwide from its workplaces in Canada and the USA.

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Glen Wakeman: The Financialist Behind LaunchPad Holdings

When it comes to the world of financial advisory, Glen Wakeman is a well-known name. He is the founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings. He has an incredibly extensive experience in the field owing to the two decades that he has spent working with different firms and clients. He is a graduate of the University of Scranton where he gained his degree in economics and finance. He then went on to attain an MBA to supplement his business skills from the University of Chicago. Since the start of his career, Glen Wakeman has worked for some of the most well-known names in the industry. He has worked extremely hard to get to where he is, climbing up the ranks to reach the high esteemed post that he holds today.


Glen Wakeman started out his career working for a company known as GE Capital. In the twenty years that he has been in the business, he has switched companies numerous times, each time contributing and learning from the time that he spends there. He worked his way up the rung to ultimately become the CEO of the firm ( He was an excellent leader to the firm and brought along numerous positive changes that impacted the company immensely.

Glen Wakeman is also a businessman and entrepreneur who knows that it takes to establish a successful business. Having spent so many years at it, his next goal is to be able to provide entrepreneurs and young companies with the tools that they would need to be able to put out a good product and make their mark in the business. Using his own past experiences as a teaching tool, Glen Wakeman has transformed companies that were on the brink of failing to something that is extremely well known in the sector. When a client comes to his business, he makes sure that he analyses all the aspects of their business and then provides them with a good plan of action which they could adhere to (ReporterExpert).