Sameer Jejurikar Is Integral to the Texas Cosmetic Surgery Scene

If you or someone you lives in Texas and is developing an interest in plastic surgery procedures, then one name worth giving some serious consideration is that of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar. He has demonstrated an unmatched passion for his medical craft, and he has as well a strong academic background, which gives him the valuable medical knowledge necessary for performing his tasks in cosmetic surgery. Both the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital and the stellar medical program found in the University of Michigan are where he got this academic preparation which would form the foundation of his current day skills.

There are few aesthetic surgery physicians who can produce a resume quite as impressive as Sameer Jejurikar’s, and this is something that both he and his many patients should be proud of. Texas residents are not the only ones who flock to his Dallas operating table for work, as there are also patients who make the trek from out of state because he is just that well-reputed of a doctor. Jejurikar places a vast sense of importance on taking care of all of his patients with as much heart and efficiency as he possibly can, and, unlike some other successful doctors, he does he best to make sure that he never takes anything that he has accomplished or his current role in the industry for granted.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is as core to the industry of cosmetic surgery as his city of Dallas is to the state of Texas, and both patients professionals have an acute understanding of this. Forrest Park Medical Center has benefited greatly from having him work with the facility, as has the Baylor Medical Center. On top of all of this, Jejurikar is also strongly dedicated to using the most modern and innovative elements in his practice.