The Milestone of Scott Rocklage Professional Journey

Dr. Scott Rocklage is an entrepreneur making a name in the biochemical research world. With over three decades of experience in health care, he has also gained leadership expertise from various roles he held in his professional journey.

Scott Rocklage attended the University of California where he attained Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. He furthered his studies in Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He learned a lot from working on his research with Richard R Schrock winner of Nobel Prize.

Over the years he is part of many medical boards and chairs most of them including WaveRx, Variation, Epirus, Kinestral, Rennovia, Pulmatax and the previous J& J- acquired Novira board.

Due to his extraordinary strategic leadership skill, Dr. Rocklage has facilitated the FDA approval of three drugs in the United States that is Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan. He has more than 30 patents and 100 publications subjected to peer review. He also helped more than six patients enter some clinical trials.

Dr. Rocklage previously worked as the executive officer at Cubist Pharmaceuticals and Ntacomed Salvatar. He also held the head position at Miikana at EntreMed an Iiypsa at Amgen. Scott Rocklage currently works at 5 AM Ventures where he became the managing partner just a year after joining. 5 AM Ventures is a company dedicated to research based on the life of science. As a managing partner, his primary role is to conduct research based contemporary aspects of the life of science.

Together with the company’s team he prepares and participates in board meetings. He also works with experts in the field of science in sharing ideas on how to meets the needs of their clients using current technologies in the scientific and medical field.

Dr. Rocklage is fascinated by the incorporation of the technological advancements in the diagnosis and the treatment of cancer. He also believes these advancements have a significant role to play in the future of medicine.

People are the primary basis of his projects, and he believes a person’s character determines his or her performance. He, therefore, focuses on hiring people based on their goals, performance, and character, Prioritization, organizations and time management are the top of the doctor’s catalyst of his success.

As a risk taker, he applauds his company for using its strength in attaining success; this technique has enabled the company to triumph in tough times. He recommends the book, Good to Great as a starting point to understanding concept of business and exemplary performance.

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