Vijay Eswaran uses fear as a motivation factor.

Vijay Eswaran is a well known motivational speaker, a businessman, and an author. He received his degree in socio-economics from London School of Economics. A good education background has played a part in his success, but one crucial thing that Vijay emphasizes is changing his thinking and his attitude.

Vijay Eswaran has published several books with the aim of helping people become better in life by changing how they think and using some of the weaknesses as a means to attain your goals. In his very first book, Vijay talks about his life, he has worked in a construction site and has worked in a grapes farm.

Vijay attributes the change he experienced to a change in his attitude. Vijay explains how one can use fear to attain success. Vijay Eswaran believes that fear can be used as a driver to success, this is so because everyone experiences fear at some point in their life. And in most cases, fear occurs often than we may want to admit.

Vijay explains how you can use fear a driver to success, instead of an agent to shuttering your dreams.

Take fear as a hidden excitement, Vijay explains this using a skydiving activity. When you are about to jump off a plane that is a thousand feet from the ground, one experiences a variety of emotions. Excitement, fear, all sorts of thoughts of how things can go wrong.

When you want to do something new; venturing into a new business. Fear may paralyze your plans, but you may decide to use that fear as a driving force to jump and get out of the comfort zone.

If something does not break you, it makes you even stronger, according to Vijay. Fear occurs when we are targeting to achieve something we desire. And Vijay believes fear is the proof that we are on the right track. So whenever you experience doubts and fear know you are on the right track.

Fear influences growth, it is because of fear that people remain in the same situations for years, because they are afraid to embrace change. But with the changing time, personal change is also necessary, and when a change occurs in our lives, we are bound to experience growth in many aspects.